Rockford Fosgate Audio Kits & Components

Rockford Fosgate Audio Kits & Components
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18-STG1
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18RC-STG6
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: X317-STG2
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18-FWE
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18-STG2
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: PMX-3
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: PMX-1
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: DEFEND17-STG1
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18-STG6
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: X317-STG6
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: PMX-5CAN
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RZR14-STG2
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: X317-STG1
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: X317-STG4
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18-STG4
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: PMX-2
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: RGB-6
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  • TYPE: Audio SKU: M2WL-8HB
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: M5-800X4
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RZR14-STG1
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18-ROOF4M2
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: RNGR18RC-STG5
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: X317MAX-RSS
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: PMX-ANT
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    TYPE: Accessories SKU: MX-CAM
  • TYPE: Audio SKU: M5-1000X1
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: X317-STG3
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    TYPE: Audio SKU: X317-STG5

Here are some more Rockford Fosgate Audio Kits & Components

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Thumber Fab knows that high-quality speakers matter the most when you’re rock crawling or taking a cruise in your UTV. That is why all Thumper Fab audio accessories and products use 100% Rockford Fosgate audio components. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-install sound kit or an audio roof, we’ve got you covered. 

Since our beginning, Thumper Fab has been dedicated to carrying the highest quality of equipment and accessories, and that’s why we chose Rockford Fosgate for all audio accessories. Rockford Fosgate audio systems are known for delivering high-quality audio and enduring even the roughest of riders. 

Rockford Fosgate Audio Quality

Rockford Fosgate is a leader in audio innovation, in more ways than one. Whether it be in the design or the engineering, you can count on being impressed by the quality of every Rockford Fosgate product. The speakers in our audio roofs and the all-in-one audio kits that we carry are investments that you will come to love for years. 

Types of Audio Accessories We Carry

Finding the right audio accessory for your UTV is easy when you have a large selection to browse through. When it comes to Rockford Fosgate accessories, we carry the following accessories.

Audio Roof

If you’re looking to install speakers into the roof of your UTV, an audio roof is going to be your best option. Our selection of audio roofs includes a selection of roofs with speakers of different sizes in different placements. Choosing the right audio roof for you will all come down to preference. 

All-In-One Audio Kit

Get all of the pieces that you need to enhance the audio in your UTV when you invest in an all-in-one audio kit. These kits are designed to fit into the dash of your side-by-side. The installation of our all-in-one audio kits makes it easy to enjoy AM/FM/WB connections. Find the one that best suits your audio needs.

Shop Thumper Fab Online

Ready to upgrade the sound system in your side-by-side? Browse the large selection of UTV audio products available online at Thumper Fab. From our large selection of audio roofs to the variation of all-in-one audio kits for UTVs, you can count on finding the right fit for your side by side at Thumper Fab.


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