Thumper Fab News

  • The Polaris Ranger Front Bumper Winglet plus LED Light Kit

    Have you considered the Thumper Bumper Front Bumper Light Kit for the Polaris Ranger ATV/UTV!? Designed to fit your OEM Polaris bumper, these dramatically change the look and purpose of your Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, Ranger Crew, or other Polaris Ranger factory front bumper. 
  • The Thumper Bumper

    The Polaris Ranger is one of the most popular utility vehicles (also called a UTV) on the market. This is a full-size, hard working UTV billed as the hardest working, smoothest riding vehicle of its type. Polaris calls the Polaris Ranger the number one trusted UTV by farmers, ranchers, hunters, and homeowners for more than a decade, for good reason. But while the Polaris Ranger is one heck of a vehicle depending on the model (Ranger Crew, Ranger XP, etc.), it could always benefit from a sturdier bumper to handle off-road challenges.
  • Thumper Fab custom RZR build for COWBOYS QB, DAK PRESCOTT

    The Thumper Fab team in Marshall, Texas, was recently approached by Jack Rabbit Offroad, a local motorsports dealership, to join in on a once-in-a-lifetime custom build. The Polaris RZR utility vehicle customized for the NFL sensation, Dak Prescott, will be given away as part of a fundraiser to benefit the East Texas network of youth community centers.

  • Polaris Ranger Roof Rack

    A Roof Rack For Your Ranger Crew, XP, Full Size... And More

    Don't let cargo capacity hold you back! Get one of our roof racks compatible with your UTV's cab. Not all cabs are the same size; our roof racks are designed to fit your specific model of UTV, offering you a perfect fit to the cab and cargo capacity. Better yet, our quality and workmanship is top notch, offering you many years of reliable and dependable service from your Polaris Ranger.