Roll Cages

UTV Roll Cages by Thumper Fab - High-Quality & Durable for Outdoor Adventures
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF220201-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF240201-BK-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF190202-BK-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF190201-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF180207-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF150202-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF150201-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF030205-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF130202-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF130201-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF050206-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF020209-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF020208-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF020206-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF080204-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF030204-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF080201-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF020202-X-H
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF050203-X-HA
  • TYPE: Cages SKU: TF050202-X-HA

Here are some more UTV Roll Cages by Thumper Fab - High-Quality & Durable for Outdoor Adventures

Thumper Fab UTV Roll Cages: Boost Your Outdoor Adventures with Confidence

At Thumper Fab, we understand the passion and commitment UTV enthusiasts have for outdoor adventures. With our UTV Roll Cages, we aim to provide an added layer of safety and durability to your off-roading experience. Our high-quality products are perfect for power sports, off-roading, hunting, camping, and general outdoor utility. Let's explore the amazing product categories we offer.

UTV Accessories

Our wide range of UTV Accessories is designed to elevate your outdoor adventures. Find everything from grab handles and vent kits to heavy-duty mirrors and storage solutions, all made with premium materials and perfect for any UTV enthusiast.


UTV Audio Systems 

Bring your favorite tunes along for the ride with our high-quality UTV Audio Systems. Enjoy crystal-clear sound and powerful bass with our line of speaker systems, amplifiers, and subwoofers designed for the ultimate audio experience on the trail.

UTV Bumpers

Protect your vehicle and enhance its appearance with our robust UTV Bumpers. Choose from a variety of designs tailored to your vehicle for a perfect fit that combines style, functionality, and performance.

UTV Roll Cages

Upgrade the safety of your UTV with our custom UTV Roll Cages. Our 3D laser-scanned designs provide a precise fit and added security, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your outdoor adventures.

UTV Doors

Enhance the look, comfort, and protection of your UTV with our UTV Doors selection. Choose from half or full doors, designed with durability and functionality in mind, to keep you secure on the trail.

UTV Lighting

Brighten up your nighttime excursions with our UTV Lighting options. Illuminate your path with LED light bars, spotlights, and more – perfect for navigating off-road terrain or hunting expeditions.

UTV Racks

Maximize storage and utility with our UTV Racks. Carry all your gear with ease on our durable and versatile racks designed for hauling hunting equipment, camping gear, and much more.

UTV Roofs

Protect yourself from the elements with our UTV Roofs. Stay shielded from the sun, rain, and debris with our sturdy and stylish roof options for a more comfortable outdoor experience.

UTV Suspension

Upgrade your ride and performance with our UTV Suspension systems. Enhance your vehicle's handling and stability, providing a smoother, safer ride on rough, uneven terrain.

UTV Winches

Choose from a diverse selection of UTV Winches designed to provide reliable and powerful pulling capabilities for off-road enthusiasts. Whether you need to recover your vehicle from challenging terrains or assist others in need, our UTV Winches deliver exceptional performance and durability.


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