Polaris Ranger Roof Rack

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  • TYPE: Racks SKU: TF231901-BK

Discover High-Quality Polaris Ranger Racks for Your Outdoor Escapades

At Thumper Fab, we understand the excitement and passion that UTV enthusiasts have for off-roading, hunting, camping, and general outdoor utility. We are committed to providing you with the best Polaris Ranger Racks and accessories to enhance your outdoor adventures. Our products are designed in-house, starting with a 3D laser scan of the vehicle to ensure a perfect fit and robust performance.

Polaris Ranger Parts

Our Polaris Ranger Parts collection delivers top-notch aftermarket components to help you upgrade and customize your UTV for an optimized experience. From axles and suspensions to exhaust systems, we have everything you need to maintain and enhance your Polaris Ranger.

Polaris Ranger Accents

Add a touch of style to your UTV with our Polaris Ranger Accents collection. Designed in-house, these accents not only add visual appeal but also offer added durability and protection to your vehicle.

Polaris Ranger Accessories

Equip your UTV with functional and high-quality Polaris Ranger Accessories to make your outdoor excursions more comfortable and enjoyable. From coolers and storage solutions to windshields and mirrors, we have the accessories you need for a well-rounded ride.

Polaris Ranger Audio

Enhance your off-road experience with the rich and clear sound of our Polaris Ranger Audio products. Our selection of Rockford Fosgate audio kits and speakers are designed specifically for the Polaris Ranger, ensuring an exceptional audio experience that complements your adventures.

Polaris Ranger Bumpers

Protect your vehicle and enhance its rugged appearance with our Polaris Ranger Bumpers. Our bumpers are designed to provide superior protection while showcasing a fierce look to match your adventurous spirit.

Polaris Ranger Doors

Upgrade your UTV with our stylish and practical Polaris Ranger Half Doors. These doors offer additional safety and comfort while enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Polaris Ranger Lighting

Illuminate your path and make your nighttime adventures safer with our Polaris Ranger Lighting solutions. Choose from a variety of LED light bars, cube lights, and accent lighting options to ensure optimal visibility on and off the trails.

Polaris Ranger Racks

Maximize your storage and transport capabilities with our Polaris Ranger Racks. Crafted from high-quality materials, our racks offer extra space for your gear and equipment, making your adventures even more enjoyable.

Polaris Ranger Roofs

Enhance the versatility of your Polaris Ranger with Thumper Fab's high-quality Polaris Ranger Roofs. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, our roofs provide essential shelter and protection for you and your passengers, allowing you to extend your off-road adventures regardless of the weather conditions. Visit us now and discover the perfect roof to complete your Polaris Ranger setup.

Polaris Ranger Suspension

Unlock the true potential of your Polaris Ranger with Thumper Fab's exceptional range of Polaris Ranger Suspension. Designed to withstand the most demanding off-road conditions, our suspension upgrades offer superior strength, increased ground clearance, and improved overall performance. Discover the perfect suspension solution for your Polaris Ranger and enhance your off-road capabilities.

Polaris Ranger Winches

Ensure your Polaris Ranger is prepared for any off-road challenge with Thumper Fab's premium selection of Polaris Ranger Winches. Built to withstand extreme conditions, our winches provide the strength and reliability necessary for vehicle recovery, trailside assistance, and other demanding tasks. Discover the perfect winch for your Polaris Ranger and enhance your off-road capabilities.


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