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Does your Polaris Ranger have doors? If you don't have Polaris Ranger doors, you need some. And if you do have Polaris Ranger doors, you may need BETTER doors. Thumper Fab has you covered with doors for the Polaris Ranger and Polaris Ranger XP. Your Polaris Doors aren't going to do the job unless you have our Fortress Half Doors. These doors fit Polaris Ranger XP and Polaris Ranger models from 2018 and 2020 model years on up (respectively). 


 Fortress Polaris Doors are solid steel from top to bottom. They have rubber trim around the edges for a rattle-free, seal. Dual-latching handles promise solid Polaris door closing every time. These are easily bolted on to your Polaris Ranger or Polaris XP, adding great style while protecting you from trail debris. And the best part is that our Fortress model Polaris Doors are made right here in the United States.

Our Fortress half doors dramatically improve the look and durability of your Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP.  And if you're looking for Polaris Ranger doors, that's not surprising... because the Polaris Ranger and Polaris Ranger XP are some of the most popular UTV brands on the market.

These half doors ensure your riders are safely inside the Ranger while you blaze down the trail. This is a great safety feature for families with young kids. Help to make sure they keep legs and little bodies inside the Ranger. Also helps to protect them from trail debris and limbs much better than the factory installed door nets.

About The Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, and Other Polaris Ranger Models

The Polaris Ranger is one of the most popular utility vehicles (also called a UTV) on the market. The Polaris Ranger, in other words, is a full-size, hard working UTV billed as the hardest working, smoothest riding vehicle of its type. Polaris calls the Polaris Ranger the number one trusted UTV by farmers, ranchers, hunters, and homeowners for more than a decade, for good reason. 


But while the Polaris Ranger is one heck of a vehicle depending on the model (Ranger Crew, Ranger XP, etc.), it could always benefit from better doors. Your Polaris doors should be strong. They should be sturdy. They should protect you from debris and other hazards. But your Polaris doors should also be made right here in the United States... and ours are. Your UTV, whether it's a ranger diesel. or some other vehicle, deserves our Polaris Ranger half doors. 


Which Ranger model do you have? Is it the Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, or Polaris Ranger Crew (among other Polaris Ranger cab models)? You need to consider whether our half doors for the Ranger and Ranger XP can work for you. Don't let the challenges of off-road fun hold you back! It can be rough out there, but your Polaris Ranger and Polaris Ranger XP can be, well, like a Fortress with our Fortress half doors! Never worry about what's coming your way when you have our solid steel half doors between you and what's out there. 


Why Install Polaris Ranger Doors At All?

 Now, you may be thinking: Why install Polaris Ranger doors at all? My Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP doesn't need half doors; it doesn't need doors, period! We certainly aren't trying to tell you how to dress up your crew cab UTV, ranger diesel, or other vehicle. But if you have a Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP, sturdy doors can really help keep your crew inside while keeping debris outside. Yes, our sturdy steel half doors are made in the USA and look great. Yes, our Polaris Ranger doors have rubber trim for a solid, rattle-free fit. But we don't call our Polaris Ranger doors "fortress" for nothing. They truly do make you more secure and more safe!

So What Polaris Ranger UTV Do YOU Drive?

One of the reasons the Ranger is so popular is that there are so many Polaris Ranger model options. There are 2 seat Polaris Ranger cabs, 3-seat Polaris Ranger cabs, and even Polaris Ranger Crew models. (Ranger crew cabs have four doors and a full complement of seating for the Ranger's passengers.) And while every Ranger has great features, you want one our tough half-doors for the Polaris Ranger and Polaris Ranger XP.


You've paid a lot of money for your UTV vehicle. Whether it's a Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP (maybe a Ranger diesel?), you need the best accessories. Your crew needs to feel safe in your Polaris Ranger UTV... and with our Polaris Ranger Doors made of solid steel right here in the United States, you'll feel truly secure indeed.


About Thumper Fab

Thumper Fab is dedicated to providing custom fit tops, bumpers, roll cages, and accessories designed to the specifications of your vehicle, including the Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger Crew, and Polaris Ranger XP. Our high-quality aluminum and steel fabrications, complete with durable HD powder coat as options, are designed for specific vehicle models and manufactured to the most stringent standards of workmanship. We strive to offer you great customer service -- and same day shipping on almost every product in stock in our store!
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