Polaris Ranger Front Bumper

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Here are some more Polaris Ranger Front Bumper

Have you considered the Thumper Bumper Front Bumper Light Kit for the Polaris Ranger ATV/UTV!? Designed to fit your OEM Polaris bumper, these dramatically change the look and purpose of your Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, Ranger Crew, or other Polaris Ranger factory front bumper. 


The kit gives you two 6" dual row LED lights will help brighten your day, but mostly your night, when you're running your Ranger UTV ATV. Each kit includes a Plug & Play wire harness that simply plugs into the Polaris Pulse bar, making installation a snap. We even provide a dash switch that matches your factory rocker switches! This accessory for your Ranger front bumper is one that looks great and serves you well.


Polaris Ranger Front Bumper Kit Features

  • CNC Laser Cut & Formed 1/8" Steel
  • Extreme Duty 3 stage powder coating 
  • Two 6" Dual Row LED Lights
  • Polaris Pulse Bar wire harness with matching OEM rocker switch for dash
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware for long lasting rust free protection!


About The Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, and Other Polaris Ranger Models

The Polaris Ranger is one of the most popular utility vehicles (also called a UTV) on the market. The Polaris Ranger, in other words, is a full-size, hard working UTV billed as the hardest working, smoothest riding vehicle of its type. Polaris calls the Polaris Ranger the number one trusted UTV by farmers, ranchers, hunters, and homeowners for more than a decade, for good reason. But while the Polaris Ranger is one heck of a vehicle depending on the model (Ranger Crew, Ranger XP, etc.), it could always benefit from a sturdier bumper to handle off-road challenges. 


Whether you have a Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, or some other Polaris Ranger that isn't the Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP model, we've got you covered! Every Polaris Ranger and Polaris Ranger XP owner, including owners of other Polaris Ranger UTVs, can benefit from one of our Polaris Ranger rear bumpers. This includes your Polaris ATV or SuperATV-style Polaris. Any size Polaris, including the Polaris crew model(s), would benefit from one of our rear bumpers.


You Need A Thumper Bumper Front Bumper For Your Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, or Other Polaris Ranger Model

Thumper Fab offers a complete line of Polaris Ranger bumpers, including front bumpers and rear bumpers for many size Ranger UTVs, including the Polaris Ranger and Polaris Ranger XP.  The Ranger models Thumper Bumper is the best and only rear winch bumper on the market that fits the Polaris Ranger Northstar Edition and the all new Polaris Ranger 1000 (non XP).  


Which Ranger model do you have? Is it the Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, or Polaris Ranger Crew (among other Polaris Ranger cab models)? You need to consider whether our Thumper Bumper can work for your model, especially if you need a winch (and trust us, you need a winch). Polaris Rangers are hard-working, fun vehicles that really help you enjoy outdoor activities, making work easier and making leisure more fun.


Don't let the challenges of off-road hold you back! Get one of our Ranger compatible Thumper Bumpers for your Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, or other Polaris Ranger Model UTV, and you'll never have to worry about getting stuck, because you'll have the option of winching your way out again. 


The Thumper Bumper For The Polaris Ranger Is TOUGH

Our Ranger compatible Thumper Bumpers for the Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger XP, and Other Polaris Ranger Models (including the Crew model) are tough, CNC laser cut and formed steel. No matter what size Ranger you drive, we may have a Polaris Ranger bumper (a front bumper or a rear bumper) that will take your Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP to the next level. Extreme Duty powder coat options are also available to make your front bumper or rear bumper as tough and durable (not to mention good looking) as it can possibly be!


Which Polaris Ranger UTV Do YOU Drive?

One of the reasons the Ranger is so popular is that there are so many Polaris Ranger model options. There are 2 seat Polaris Ranger cabs, 3-seat Polaris Ranger cabs, and even Polaris Ranger Crew models. (Ranger crew cabs have four doors and a full complement of seating for the Ranger's passengers.) 


And while every Ranger has great features, you want one of our tough, ultra-rugged, great looking front bumpers or rear bumpers for your Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP... don't you? 


Don't settle for just any aftermarket bumper, either! A shoddy bumper can make your Polaris Ranger worse, not better. Thumper Fab understands this and always works to make your Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP a better vehicle with each modification. 


Thumper Fab works to improve your Polaris Ranger , Polaris Ranger Crew, or  Polaris Ranger XP through our commitment to rugged, durable, high-quality accessories that offer improved function. After all, when you install a front bumper or rear bumper on your Polaris Ranger or Polaris Ranger XP, it's not always about function. There's also an element of style to consider. 


You've paid a lot of money for your UTV. You want it to look its best and perform as well! Your bumper has to be tough. It's got to be durable. It's got to make your Polaris Ranger look better. And that, of course, is where Thumper Fab comes in. We manufacture a full line of steel bumpers, with optional powder coating, for both front and rear. 


About Thumper Fab

Thumper Fab is dedicated to providing custom fit tops, bumpers, roll cages, and accessories designed to the specifications of your vehicle, including the Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger Crew, and Polaris Ranger XP. Our high-quality aluminum and steel fabrications, complete with durable HD powder coat as options, are designed for specific vehicle models and manufactured to the most stringent standards of workmanship. We strive to offer you great customer service -- and same day shipping on almost every product in stock in our store! 


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