Ranger 500/570 Mid-Size Front Winch Bumper

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Designed to fit your Polaris Ranger 500 & 570 Midsize like a glove, and dramatically change the look and purpose by giving you the strongest winch ready SXS FRONT BUMPER for the POLARIS Ranger mid size on the market!

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Warn Axon 35-S Powersport Winch


WARN AXON 35-S powersports winch has a brand new design that changes the future of powersports winches. These state-of-the-art ultra-durable winches for ATVs have a stout 3,500 lb capacity with a synthetic rope for riders who push the limits.

The revolutionary Motactor combines motor and contactor for the best performance and easy installation. Included is a 50' x 7/32" synthetic rope, hawse fairlead, and black hook, as well as a dash-mounted control switch with a handlebar adapter.

Digital control offers never-before-seen levels of performance and user feedback that includes load and temperature information. The durable, all-metal construction features black powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance and the waterproof sealing keeps the elements out. 

The new clutch design is based on the legendary WARN 4WD hub lock know-how. The three-stage planetary gear train is all-metal, smooth, and reliable, and the load-holding mechanical brake offers great control.

Universal Fairlead Winch Plate



Thumper Fabs Universal Fairlead Winch Plate will fit our Thumper Fab bumpers, front or rear. We developed a winch plate to better fit the Warn Axon 3500-S Winch that is extremely popular on our bumpers. 

This winch plate mounts the Warn Axon 3500-S to any Thumper Fab Bumper3.0" x 4.87" Bolt Pattern for narrow spool ATV Winch

(If you order the Ranger or Defender Rear Bumper with the Warn Axon 3500-S, this plate is required.)


Warn Axon Winch Wireless Receiver Hub


This state-of-the-art wireless control system allows you to operate your Warn Axon Winch using the Bluetooth connection on your smart device. The Warn Axon Winch Wireless Receiver Hub works with all Warn Axon Winches. Download the App from the Apple App Store® or Google Play Store®.


HUB Receiver Manual - 103969.AO HUB RECEIVER MANUAL - 103969.AO

Hub Receiver Quick Start Guide for Axon Winches - 103973.A0HUB RECEIVER QUICK START GUIDE FOR AXON WINCHES - 103973.A0

KFI SE35 Stealth Winch



Whether its on a winding trail, plowing snow or deep in the mud, a reliable winch is the most important accessory a rider can have. 

Equip your ATV, UTV or SxS with a KFI SE35 Stealth Winch and feel confident you can pull yourself out of any situation. 

This 3500lb Stealth Series winch features Synthetic Cable, Cable Hook Stopper, a dynamic and mechanical braking system, Water Resistant seals to keep the elements out, a standard 4-hole mounting design and a heavy duty all metal turn clutch. 

It is also backed by a KFI 1-Year Limited Warranty.  The KFI SE35 Stealth Winch comes with everything you need other than an ATV model specific winch mount. 

Everything shown is included along with detailed installation instructions and hardware to mount your winch to a model specific ATV winch mount.


  • 50' Synthetic Cable with 5' protective sheath and end loop

  • Take control of your winch with the included Mini-Rocker Switch that comes with an adjustable bracket to mount it to your ATV's handle bars and allows you to control your winch with the touch of your finger without ever letting go of your handle bars.

  • Also included is a Handheld 14' Corded Remote for those situations when you need to control your winch from a distance or dismounted from your machine. This compact high quality remote offers a more reliable control than the other wireless options. Included is a socket plug and play wiring a system so that you can store your remote  when not in use.

  • The all new Heavy Duty Electric Contactor protects your ATV's electrical system and switches the power distribution of your winch that is controlled by your switches.

  • Included is our KFI Split Cable Hook Stopper with the following benefits:

    • Eliminates wear and tear on your rollers from the hook with can cause cable wear.
    • Eliminates hook clatter from going down the trail.
    • Protects the winch motor and gears from pulling the cable in too far and bottoming out on the rollers.
    • Keeps tension on the hook to eliminate the cable becoming loose.
    • Also has slits designed in it to work as an anti-kick back for the cable if your cable was to snap.
    • Looks great.


Model SE35 ATV Series
Rated Line Pull 3500 lbs.
Motor 12V DC, 1.5 hp Permanent Magnet
Gear Ratio 171:1
Gear/Transmission All-metal Planetary Gear Drive
Brake Dynamic and Mechanical
Clutch (free spooling) All Metal Cam Activated Freespool
Drum Size 1.5" (D) x 3.15" (L)
Synthetic Cable 3/16" (D) x 50' (L) Smoke color
Fairlead Multi-directional POM Roller
Control Deluxe Handlebar-Mounted Mini-Rocker Control Switch and a Heavy Duty Corded Remote Switch
Winch Dimensions 12.97" L x 4.06" D x 4.2" H
Mount Plate Fairlead Mount Only (A Model Specific Mount is necessary for your make and model ATV)
Mounting Bolt Pattern 3.00" x 4.875" (4-Hole)
Recommended Battery 12 Amp/hour minimum
Warranty Limited 1 Year
Winch Weight 24.8 lbs. (complete kit)


KFI Wireless Remote Control Kit


The KFI Winch Wireless Remote Control Kit ( KFI-WRC ) integrates into existing KFI Winch wiring configurations that utilize a contractor block to replace the existing wired remote.

The KFI Winch Wireless Remote Kit includes; a wireless remote, receiver with wiring harness, holster, mounting hardware, wire tap and other accessories.


Designed to fit your Polaris Ranger 500 & 570 Midsize like a glove, and dramatically change the look and purpose by giving you the strongest winch ready SXS FRONT BUMPER for the POLARIS Ranger mid-size on the market! Rated for a 3,500 LB winch!! The Thumper Bumper has become known for its strength, design, and high-quality welds. We don't hide our welds! This is quality and strength you can see!  

This bumper will not fit the Ranger SP 570. Need a bumper for your Ranger SP 570? Be sure to checkout TF100502 for the new SP design! 



    Standard Benefits

    • CNC Laser Cut & Formed US Steel for precision fitment 
    • Extreme Duty 3 stage powder coating (when color is selected) 
    • Winch Mount included in design of bumper (no need to purchase extra) 
    • Rated and ready for up to a 3,500 LB winch 
    • 12” Dual Row LED Light Bar Option 
    • Light cover & skid plate can be color customized 
    • Made in the USA 


    Bragging Benefits

    • Bring the beef with this beefy bumper  
    • Fear no tree on the trail. 
    • Look good while doing it with strength and style



    • Material: American Made Steel 
    • Winch Mount Area: 3.0” x 4.87” Bolt Pattern for UTV Winches 
    • Light Bar Mount: 12” Slim Light 
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    • 2021-2019 RANGER 500 4X2
    • 2021-2015 RANGER CREW 570
    • 2021 RANGER CREW 570 Premium
    • 2021 RANGER 570 Premium
    • 2021 INTL RANGER 570 EPS Nordic Pro SE
    • 2020-2022 RANGER EV
    • 2020-2022 RANGER 500
    • 2020-2021, 2015-2016 RANGER 570
    • 2020-2016 RANGER CREW 570-4
    • 2020 RANGER 570 EPS
    • 2015-2016 RANGER 570 EPS
    • 2020 RANGER CREW 570-4 Premium
    • 2019 RANGER 570 EPS
    • 2019 RANGER CREW 570-4 EPS
    • 2018-2019 RANGER EV
    • 2016 RANGER EV
    • 2018 RANGER EV LI-ION
    • 2017-2019 RANGER 570
    • 2017-2019 RANGER 500
    • 2017-2019 RANGER CREW 570-4
    • 2016 RANGER CREW 570-4 EPS
    • 2015-2016 RANGER ETX
    • 2015 RANGER CREW 570 EPS