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The Best Tires for Your Polaris Ranger

Your Polaris Ranger is arguably one of the best UTVs on the market. You may be in the process of changing its tires. However, you’re unsure of which options stand out. The good news is this guide was put together to help provide you with some excellent options.


We’ll go over the top 5 best Polaris Ranger tires. Bear in mind, these tires are available in different sizes to fit different types of Rangers such as the Polaris Ranger 1000 and other popular variations. Whether you want to switch out the factory-issued tires or replacing your old tires after years of service, this guide can help. Let’s get started now.

Hellhound Uber XOR ATV/UTV Radials


The Hellhound Uber XOR ATV/UTV radial tires are the first on our list. We really wouldn’t want to miss out on adding them, so we might as well put them on top. These are available in different models of Polaris Rangers, including the Ranger 1000 XP Crew, Ranger 700, 800 XP, and others. All of these come in different measurements so find one that will be the best fit for your Ranger.


Simply put, these tires are perhaps one of the most durable on the market. They also happen to be one of the best when it comes to off-roading. If you are someone that loves kicking up dust and mud without getting stuck, these are perhaps the best tires you can invest in for your Polaris Ranger. The Hellhound Uber XOR ATV/UTV radials have tread depth ranging from 1 inch on the fronts and 1 ⅛ inch on the rear tires, which can be great for handling all kinds of terrain.


These are hands down one of the best on the market. And they are available at reasonable prices too. If you’re looking for excellent quality at the best affordable price, you’re in luck. If your Polaris Ranger is more of an off-road beast, these are the tires that will be the best possible fit.



  • Excellent traction
  • Perfect for off-road conditions and challenging terrain
  • Superior durability
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • No vibrations - especially if you’re traveling on smooth blacktop


Ironside Cross-X Premium ATV/UTV Radials


If you are looking for another option for a budget choice, look no further than the Ironside Cross-X Premium ATV/UTV Radials. Needless to say, these are quite durable for a Polaris Ranger. With a 19/32nds tread depth, it’s actually not that bad in regards to performance. For tires that can hold up quite well while keeping the spending to a reasonable level, it’s an excellent choice.


It’s also a great tire for maximizing your off-road experience. You have plenty of toughness and the ability to move freely. Nevermore will you have to worry about restricted movements, especially when you’re in open spaces and tearing up rough terrain. It can also be great for a little mudding action too - give it a try and you will not be disappointed.


If your factory tires on your Polaris Ranger seem to be lacking in terms of traction, you’re going to love these. Think of it as an upgrade for a reasonable price. After all, the better the traction, the better it’ll be to get around, right?


They ain’t the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive. We always stress that when it comes to quality, you want to find the best you can afford. With 8-ply construction, it’s durability that is second to none. For those on a budget, there may be no other choice on the market, especially if you are looking for a type of tire that’s close to a good set of mud tires.



  • Great durability
  • Excellent for those on a budget
  • Performs quite well in muddy conditions
  • Great upgrade from stock tires
  • Provides plenty of movement in open spaces


Bloodaxe R/T Hybrid Premium ATV/UTV Radial


If you are someone that loves tackling all kinds of terrain, you’re in luck. These Bloodaxe R/T Hybrid Premium ATV/UTV radial tires are excellent for a Polaris Ranger that doesn’t mind getting down and dirty. It doesn’t matter if you’re digging through dry dirt or mud - these are


They are excellent in terms of durability too. While they appear a little narrower than other tires, don’t be alarmed. These tires are at the right size for those who love to mix it up in the water and dirt. On trails, these may be a little less comfortable compared to the others.


But off trails, they make up for it. So if you’re looking for a good pair of off-road tires, Bloodaxe R/T Hybrid Premium ATV/UTV could just be the go-to option for you. Why not? You’re not afraid to get down and dirty after all, right?



  • Excellent for off-road mudding and different types of terrain
  • Great treads
  • Durability rim guards
  • Awesome grip on any terrain
  • Easy to mount

Braven Berserker M/T (PDT) Premium ATV/UTV Radials


With deep treads at 17.5mm, these Braven Berserker M/T (PDT) Premium ATV/UTV radial tires can dig like crazy. It doesn’t care what terrain it’s on. You’ll be able to tackle it like nothing, whether there’s snow, mud, or nothing but dry dirt on the ground.


The 8-ply durability is no joke either. You won’t have to worry about these tires getting punctured by sharp rocks. It’s also got molded rim guards that ensure excellent protection. You have tires that are tough as nails and can truly be a trail rider’s best friend. If you want the best Polaris Ranger tires that can be a force on the off-road terrain, there could be no other quite like this.



  • Deep treads for excellent traction
  • Great on both dry and wet terrain
  • Superior durability ; perhaps the best on the market
  • Easy to mount
  • Ideal for all-weather conditions


Ironside ATV/UTV Wheels (Black/Machined)


Our last tires aren’t quite tires per se. But they are an excellent fit for the Ironside Cross-X Premium tires that we have mentioned earlier. And maybe all of the other best Polaris Rangers tires we’ve mentioned on this list. Regardless, once those tires are mounted on here, get ready for the best ride of your life.


These frames will be tough enough to handle the beatings the rough terrain throws its way. You will absolutely love putting these on your Polaris Ranger with visions of off-road riding dancing in your head. And believe us, we know that feeling whenever we switch out the stock tires for one of the options you’ve selected from this guide.



  • Provides excellent strength for most tires
  • Pairs perfectly with Sedona Rip Saw R/T
  • Keeps tires in place so they don’t pop off - especially on rough terrain
  • Helps provide plenty of traction
  • Easy to mount


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Polaris Ranger Tires?


Now that we’ve listed five of the best Polaris Ranger tires on the market, we can turn our attention to the factors to consider. If you are in search of choosing the best option for your UTV, here is what you want to mull over:


What Type of Polaris Ranger Do You Have?


There are different variations of the Ranger. Which one do you own? Some tires may be a good fit for a Ranger 1000 XP, so be mindful of the size where it will be ideal for that model. Sometimes, it’s good to get measurements from the stock tires and decide which dimensions are best.


Tread Depth


The deeper the tread, the better it can handle challenging terrain. If you are someone who loves off-roading, this is one attribute to pay the most attention to. The same applies if you are looking for more grip on your tires that can last a long time.




This is a consideration that you shouldn’t overlook. 8-ply will be one of your best options (and perhaps the most common) when it comes to durability. The more durable they are, the better they’ll perform off-road, especially in challenging terrain. Sharp rocks won’t stand a chance against super durable tires, giving you less worry about coming home with a flat tire.


Tire Size and Wheel Size


Tire and wheel size will be critical when it comes to your Polaris Ranger’s overall performance. It should also be noted that it can determine the ground clearance and overall stability. Remember to find one that will be compatible with your Polaris Ranger. If you have already modified it using lift kits, you want to find a size that will be compatible with it.


A larger tire may be a good fit for larger Polaris models. So if you have a Polaris Ranger 1000 XP Crew, you'll have a choice of tires that will be different from smaller models. You can choose a set that could be the best upgrade versus stock wheels.


If you are considering larger tires, be sure to look for any forward control arms for a Polaris Ranger. Especially the ones that can be strong enough to handle them with ease. 


What Kind of Terrain Can It Handle?


Finally, it’s always a good idea to find tires that can handle almost any terrain. It’s not just talking about flat unpaved surfaces. We’re talking mud, sand, even snow. The more it can handle, the better.


So it’s important to find a tire that can have deep enough treads to really dig in. It should also be enough to where getting stuck is impossible. Consider the climate in your local area. How will it contribute to the overall conditions of the terrain, be it off-road or on the trail? From there, you can decide which tire will be the best option.


Don’t forget that your tires do need love from time to time. Especially when you need to perform regular maintenance on your Polaris Ranger. 


Final Thoughts


Your Polaris Ranger could perform much better with the right tires. Especially when they have plenty of ability to tear through all kinds of terrain. Find one that fits your budget and critical needs. Rest assured, these five tires will be worth every penny and can last a long time.


Once you choose the set you want, trail riding might feel a lot better. So have fun and ride safe.

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