Thumper Fab Ranger Control Arms

The Strongest Polaris Ranger Forward Control Arms and What You Need to Know

The Thumper Fab Boxed Front Forward Control Arms have changed the game for the Polaris Ranger with the strongest design and deleting the weak lower stock ball joint. 

Looking to run larger tires on your Polaris Ranger?

One of the most commonly asked questions on the Polaris Ranger Forum, search, and social media groups all across the internet is " What size tire can I run on my Polaris Ranger?? " We are here to announce, bigger than you imagined with NO LIFT! Boom! 

Thumper Fab has you covered with their Polaris Ranger Boxed Front Forward Control Arms system. These suspension arms are the STRONGEST control arm ever made for a Ranger, and they'll move your front tires forward to accommodate a larger tire size. We deleted the ball joints and added a heat treated uniball bearing design for the ULTIMATE in strength, performance, and smooth ride. Ready for portals and BIG wheel and tire combinations and a dramatic change and look of your vehicle.

Thumper Fab Boxed A Arms
Thumper Fab Boxed Forward Control Arms

WHY THE STRONGEST Polaris Ranger Forward Control Arms?

 The Thumper Fab Polaris Ranger Forward Control Arms feature a boxed design that is incredibly strong while also increasing overall ground clearance. We also know ball joints can be a weak link. To ensure a bulletproof design, Thumper Fabs control arms are paired with a 4130 Chromoly uniball ball joints. Match top-of-the-line materials with a stud that is 140% larger than OEM, and you’ve got a set of arms that are Built to be Tough. With a larger stud and meticulously heat-treated materials, you have a uniball ball joints that is 400% stronger than your stock ball joint on your Polaris Ranger XP 1000 off-road vehicle suspension.

Thumper Fab Ranger Arms
Polaris Ranger Forward Control Arms

"When we set out to design a forward control arm for one or our favorite machines, we took a long hard look at each component and wanted to make sure it was the strongest possible design to hold the massive tires we wanted to be able to run.”


Increases your tire clearance allowing 35" tires with the Thumper Fab Lift Kit and up to a 33" with no lift. CNC laser cut and formed US Steel for precision fitment. Easy bolt on installation using factory suspension mounts. A high clearance design for added ground clearance. The control arms are compatible with factory sway bars. The control arms are made in the USA and are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. 


Thumper Fabs control arms suspension compared to the other competitor's suspension are the toughest on the market. The housing is way beefier, stronger, and look better! Made from American Steel and featuring the strongest ball joing housing EVER made for a Ranger. Don't believe me? Check out the video below. Adds 1" over stock ground clearance. Original OEM Width and moves the axle 2" forward.  


You have probalby heard of a Ball Joint and probably in the terms of "Uh Oh, my weekend is over!" Well, we have the answer, the Thumper Fab Uniball. But what is a Uniball? A uniball is a clever use of spherical bearings to replace a ball joints.  Our friends over at FourWheeler Magazine say " Uniballs are favored for severe stress conditions over ball joints because of their superior strength and durability. " Our uniball bearing replaces the use of a ball joint for extreme levels of performance and strength. Commonly used in harsh racing conditions. This ball joint delete design is the strongest control arm on the market for the Ranger. Period! Overcome any obstacles, endures a smooth ride, and has lifted your vehicle in comfort.


A small amount of grinding on control arm is needed to easily install the control arm. We provide detailed instructions on exactly how to do this. We have tested fitment with multiple tire sizes up to a 35” tire. Varying tire sizes from manufacturers may require the use of a wheel spacer or larger offset wheel for proper clearance. 


Upper and lower Forward A-Arms Front. Upper and Lower Uniballs with heat treated pins. Complete set of standard OEM Bushings and tubes. Extreme heavy duty 3 stage powder coating (when selected).


The strongest forward control arms on the market for your Ranger.

So, if you are wanting the best Front Forward Control Arm on the market that is the strongest, full of power, endure the toughest debris with lighting performance look no future. Your friend will be knocking your door down to ask about the Thumper Fab A-Arms. Best ride of your life, the differences between factory and the Thumper Fab Arms are incomparable. 


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Thumper Fab, was established in 2019 in Marshall, Texas. We are the industry leader in UTV off road accessories. From Audio Roofs to Custom Roll Cages, Suspension, to Front and Rear Winch Bumpers to protect your off-road vehicles from anything coming its way. At Thumper Fab, our goal is to provide our customers with the most durable and technically advanced off road accessories add-ons available. Our innovative team of engineers utilizes cutting edge technologies and processes to create our unique, and incredibly resilient products. We strive to be the best at what we do, and our commitment to customer service is unparalleled. We look forward to doing business with you, so give us a THUMP and let us help you make your Ranger the talk of the trail with your friends! We have many dealers in the US so find a dealer near you. Made in Texas! By great Texans! Under one Texas Size roof! Well, I have kept your attention this long. So, what are you waiting for?? Give us a call today and let's get this thing THUMPIN. We also offer affirm for payment options and an unbeatable price. For additional information and to purchase please visit our website at

Want to take a tour? Check out this great tour from UTV Driver here!

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H there . Do you guys send stuff to Australia.. got a 2020 polaris ranger xp1000 highlifter been looking at different arms. And found yours. Cheers . William

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