Can-Am Defender Half Doors

Thumper Fab Can-Am Defender Half Doors vs OEM Half Doors

Can-Am Defender Doors

About the Defender

Every Can Am Defender is a hard-working machine. After all, this unit can haul a full-sized round bale, a set of tractor wheels, or enough gear for a two-week bivouac with the National Guard, all with equal ease. Built extra tough to take you way beyond the daily grind, Can Am Defender is the most capable side-by-side for work. On worksites, hunting trips, in agribusiness and anywhere you need it gets the job done right.  

Half doors are pretty sweet for those wanting maximum protection and a cool, custom look, without having to enclose the entire cab. Thumper Fab's Can-Am Defender doors are incredibly tough. The fitting hardware bolts directly to the Can Am Defender and a sturdy, well-designed rider comfort latches keep the door closed when you’re out on the trail. They are a cool, stylish way to keep mud and dirt from coming into the lower half of the cab while you ride and add protection. But how do they compare to the OEM half doors that are available from Can-Am? Follow along as we take a look at how the Thumper Fab Half Doors for the Can-Am Defender compare. 

Can-Am Defender Half Doors (OEM)

Can-Am created its own half doors and even included them on special edition versions of the Can-Am Defender. There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of, “Nothing fits like factory.” This is pretty true here, as well. Being true Can Am Defender doors means they are going to bolt right on and look like they were there right as the machine rolled off the assembly line. These doors have a back hinge, so they open from the front. The door has a metal frame with a plastic skin and interior pockets for added storage and rider comfort latches that won't get into the way while you ride.


  • Matches the bodywork of the Defender.
  • The new styling for 2022 has matching color accents.
  • Lightweight.


  • Plastic outer / inner shell. 
  • Do not come with required accent panel and must be purchased separately. 
  • Only available for 2022-year models and newer.

Pictured here is the Can-Am Front Deluxe Half Doors for 2022 & Up Defenders. Upon writing of this article, (January 2023) the price for the front doors is $2,399.99 and does not include the required accent panel pictured in green. 

Thumper Fab Defender Half Doors

You don’t have time to mess around – you need MAXIMUM protection. Check out our Thumper Fab Can-Am Defender Doors! Designed with solid steel from top to bottom and featuring rubber trim around all edges, they’re the perfect combination of style and added strength: a rattle free seal and dual latching handles keep your ride secure, and the revolutionary flush hinge design gives you up to 90 degrees of opening for easy entry. Lines perfectly with the body. Made with a tubular frame. With the door opening limiter, you can adjust how far they open. No more fumbling with flimsy doors hitting debris and free of dust on those dusty trails! And since these doors are made in the USA and backed by the best warranty in the industry, you know that your ride is always safe and sound. Easy installation. Maximum comfort and the best protection. Below is a brief description of the Thumper Fab Can Am Defender doors.

Standard Benefits

  • Solid Steel Construction
  • CNC Laser Cut & Formed US Steel for precision fitment
  • Steel latch pins for long term durability
  • Extreme Duty stage 3 powder coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Fitting hardware

Bragging Benefit

  • Be a step above your buddy's ride.
  • Fear no rock on the trail.
  • Ride in style with strength and style while hitting the trails.
Thumper Fab Half Doors
Can-Am Defender MAX half doors

Plus, if you’re looking for that extra bit of customization, you can easily add custom color panels to your Thumper Fab Can Am Defender Doors to completely make them your own. Don’t let Mother Nature get in the way of your off-roading fun – equip yourself with Thumper Fab Can Am Defender Doors today! Possibly the best-looking door on the market! Best protection! Awesome fitment. Easy installation! Best thing to buy! Maximum protection!

Ready to hit the trails?

With Thumper Fab Can Am Defender Doors, you can rest assured that your ride will be ready for whatever the trail throws at it. Start enjoying the great outdoors without having to worry about protecting you as a driver and the passengers from whatever nature has in store. Half doors are great protection and added strength for your Can Am Defender to keep riders IN and trail debris OUT! You will not have to worry about your doors hitting it getting ripped off as all of the latches and hinges are installed on the inside of the doors. All doors come with fitting instruction manuals. Get out there and have an amazing time knowing that you're equipped with nothing but the best – Thumper Fab Can Am Defender Doors. Thumper Fab has become well known for premium aftermarket half doors and accessories. Without a benefit of doubt, it will completely change the stock feel of bumps and possibly make your defender a comfort pillow. Replacement? No need. Best thing is we offer a lifetime warranty on the Latches & Hinges. 

Thumper Fab Steel Half Door
Thumper Fab Half Door inside.


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Thumper Fab Defender Max Doors
Thumper Fab Defender Crew Doors

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