Polaris RZR PRO R 4 Ultimate built for SEMA 2022 | Thumper Fab

The Polaris RZR PRO 4 is a mean machine straight from the factory, but Thumper Fab took it to another level with their new accessories and this build. Adding high-clearance trailing arm and Lo-Brow Roll Cage as well as Rigid Adapt light bar for an even smoother look - plus some new and sporty front & rear bumpers that offer protection against anything Mother Nature throws our way! Of course we're going hard on this ride wherever possible so why not equip yourself like us? Check out the full build list below! 

The Machine:

2022 Polaris RZR PRO R 4 Ultimate

The Build:


Thumper Fab Polaris RZR PRO R Control Arms with Uniballs

Thumper Fab Porlaris RZR PRO R High Clearance Trailing Arms

Thumper Fab Billet High Clearance Radius Rods

Shock Therapy Custom Spring Setup / Tuning

Shock Therapy Sway Bar End Links

Shock Therapy Toe Links 

Wheels & Tires:

Sedona Sano Beadlock Wheels - 15"

Sedona Trail Saw Tires - 35"


Thumper Fab RZR PRO Front Winch Bumper

WARN Axon 55-S Powersport Winch

Factor55 ProLink XTV

Thumper Fab RZR PRO Sporty Rear Bumper

Thumepr Fab RZR PRO 4-Seat Rock Sliders

Thumper Fab RZR PRO R 4 Lo-Brow Roll Cage w/ Aluminum Roof Rack 

Rigid Industries Adapt Light Bar

Thumper Fab RZR PRO 4-Seat Doors

Thumper Fab Billet Rear Tow Hook

Thumper Fab Aluminum Exhaust Cover

Thumper Fab Front Grill Insert

Rhino Lights Diamond Duo Series CREE LED Rock Lights


Rockford Fosgate Stage 6 Audio Kit for Ride Command 

Viper Machine Billet Aluminum RZR PRO R Gated Shifter

Fielders Paint & Body Custom Paint

Custom Leather Seats


EVP RZR PRO R Magnum Exhaust

The Thumper Fab Polaris RZR PRO 4 is equipped with tons of new accessories from the best brands in the industry, including Rigid, Warn, Factor55, Bikeman Performance, Viper Machine, ShockTherapy, Sedona, Rockford Fosgate, Rhino, and of course, Thumper Fab. Suspension upgrades include front control arms that deleted the weak lower ball joint and replaced it for a heavy duty design uniball. The Thumper Fab High Clearance Trailing Arms give much needed ground clearance to keep this vehicle out on rock trails without getting stuck up against obstacles like before! ShockTherapy has us tuned up and riding right with a spring kit for the PRO R 4, toe links, and swaybar endlinks. A sleek Thumper Fab Lo-Brow Roll Cage keeps you safe with legendary style.  We also added our own roof rack so users can transport more gear conveniently than ever before--and front & rear bumpers provide protection when necessary and a great spot to mount a Warn Axon 55-S winch up front. A Rigid Adapt Light Bar gives us plenty of light and a sleek look. Rhino Lights Duo Series in amber/white are installed for rocklights and some wicked under glows. On the interior, the shifting is improved incrediby with the Viper Maching billet alluminum gated shifter. EVO Powerports exhaust for some good rumbles. Rockford Fosgate to make sure we keep the party going wherever we ride. 

HUGE Thank You to all our partners that made this build possible!!

Rockford Fosgate Logo
Rockford Fosgate Logo
Warn Winch Logo
Sedona Logo
Viper Machine Logo
EVP Logo
Factor55 Logo
Kolpin Logo
ShockTherapy Logo
fielder paint

If you're looking to take your RZR PRO R 4 to the next level, then you need to check out Thumper Fab and these great partners on this build. They've got all the latest and greatest accessories to make your machine look and perform better than ever before. So whether you're hitting the trails or just cruising around the dunes, you'll be doing it in style with Thumper Fab.

If you want to see more of this Polaris RZR PRO R 4 from the SEMA 2022 Show, check out the Thumper Fab website. And if you’re feeling inspired, head over to www.ThumperFab.com and start building your own dream machine today! 

RZR PRO R 4 Gold SEMA Thumper Fab
Thumper FAB RZR PRO R Gold Front
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R Shock Fork
Rigid Adapt Thumper Fab
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R 4 Rock Slider
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R Trailing ARM
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R Interior
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R roof interior
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R Viper Shifter
Thumper Fab EVO exhaust RZR PRO R
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R 4 SEMA
Thumper Fab RZR PRO R Rhino
Polaris RZR PRO R Gold
Rockford Fosgate Gold Speaker
RIGID Adapt Light Bar Glow Gold

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