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One of the most popular Polaris SxS models is the Polaris RZR. The RZR is a family of models that includes multiple trail, sport, and performance vehicles. Among the many RZR models are the RZR XP, RZR XP Turbo, RZR XP4, And RZR Turbo / RZR Turbo S variations. There are so many models, in fact, that many RZR shoppers might find the available options a little confusing. What's important to remember is that there is a Polaris RZR SxS for you... but many of these are extremely powerful. That's why an RZR roll cage is so important. Our integrated RZR roll cage provides you with maximum protection while also enhancing the look at performance of your Polaris RZR, RZR XP, RZR XP Turbo, RZR Turbo S, and the many other variations of this popular SxS. Roll cages are vital to your safety and protection in these SxS models.

Roll Cages For The Polaris RZR, RZR XP, RZR XP Turbo, and RZR XP4

The Polaris RZR. RZR XP, RZR XP Turbo, and RZR XP4 are just some examples of the Polaris RZR line of sports SxS vehicles (sometimes called a UTV). Your Polaris RZR can be anything you need it to be, depending on what you buy. This is why these SxS models are so popular, and it is what has put the Polaris RZR line on the map. Our roll cages are vital for hunters, sportsmen, off-roaders, and others. If you haven't considered roll cages for your RZR, you should.

The RZR is a trail, sport, or even extreme performance vehicle, depending on the model. For example, the Polaris RZR XP and RZR XP4 models are "extreme performance" recreational Side-by-Sides that can seat up to a full crew cab complement. The RZR XP Turbo and RZR XP4 Turbo can seat two or 4 people, respectively, while the RZR XP4 Turbo S is a "beast" billed as the "nastiest" high-performance Polaris RZR model there is. Some RZR models are single-seat, for maximum potential for a single driver. Other RZR models, including RZR XP and RZR XP Turbo models, seat more people (such as the RZR XP4 SxS variant, which seats 4).

About Our Polaris RZR Roll Cages

Our RZR roll cages are CNC cut and bent from DOM tubing. Depending on the model, you can get an RZR, RZR XP, RZR XP Turbo, or RZR XP4 roll cage compatible with audio options from Thumper Fab. Get the look you want, the sound you love, AND the safety and rugged durability of a Thumper Fab RZR roll cage. Thumper Fab has your back with roll cages designed specifically for your vehicle. Every SxS deserves a roll cage that makes it look great while also offering the protection you need. After all, these are fun, sporty SxS models (especially in their extreme performance variations). You can push way past the envelope of safety if you don't have the necessary equipment. Our Polaris RZR roll cages can help.

That begs the question: What is a roll cage for? Well, simply put, it protects you in case you roll your Polaris RZR. The RZR XP line is all about extreme performance, which means power and speed. The faster you and your Polaris RZR are going, the greater the chances you'll need that kind of protection, especially with the extreme maneuverability that comes with the Polaris RZR XP, RZR XP Turbo, RZR XP / RZR XP 4, and especially the RZR XP Turbo S. Don't skimp on safety when you've already spent the money for a high-performance Polaris RZR. You've got one of the best SxSs there is, so make sure you have the best protection.

Our RZR and RZR XP roll cages don't just protect you. They look good, they hold up, and they're manufactured to the highest quality standards. Tacking a poorly made roof rack to your SxS doesn't do it any favors. No Polaris RZR, Polaris RZR XP, Polaris RZR XP Turbo, or Polaris RZR Turbo S is made better by an ugly, poorly made, or cheaply manufactured roll cage! You want a quality roll cage that enhances the look and value of your vehicle, making it a better overall package. Whether for sport or trail, whether it's a working vehicle or a fun runner, and whether you're pushing the performance envelope in a beast like the RZR Turbo S, make sure you have the right roll cage! 

About Thumper Fab

Thumper Fab is dedicated to providing custom fit tops, bumpers, roll cages, and accessories designed to the specifications of your vehicle or SxS. Our high-quality aluminum fabrications, complete with durable HD powder coat, are designed for specific vehicle models and manufactured to the most stringent standards. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service -- and we even offer same day shipping on almost every product in stock in our store. When you want quality accessories for your SxS or other vehicle, be sure to shop with Thumper Fab.

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