Can-Am Defender Roof Rack

  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040306-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040308-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040310-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040302-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040304-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040307-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040312-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040320-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040323.B
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF140301-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF140305-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040321-BK
  • TYPE: Accents SKU: TF040310.F-GR
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF140306-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF140303-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF140302-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF140304-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040318-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040319-BK
  • TYPE: Roofs SKU: TF040322-BK

Here are some more Upgrade Your Can-Am Defender with Thumper Fab's Top-Rated Racks

High-Quality Can-Am Defender Racks for True UTV Enthusiasts

Welcome to Thumper Fab – your one-stop shop for high-quality Can-Am Defender Racks and other UTV aftermarket parts! As UTV enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how important it is to have reliable and durable accessories for all your off-roading, hunting, camping, and general outdoor adventures. Our in-house designed products begin with a 3D laser scan of the vehicle to ensure the perfect fit for your Can-Am Defender.

Can-Am Defender Parts

At Thumper Fab, we offer a wide selection of Can-Am Defender Parts to enhance your UTV experience. From suspension upgrades to performance-enhancing parts, our catalog has something for everyone looking to take their vehicle to the next level.

Can-Am Defender Accents

Make your UTV stand out with our custom Can-Am Defender Accents. Our accents not only add a touch of style to your ride but also provide protection against wear and tear.

Can-Am Defender Accessories

Get the most out of your UTV with our collection of Can-Am Defender Accessories. From storage solutions to industry-leading winches, we've got what you need for your next adventure.

Can-Am Defender Audio

Upgrade your UTV's audio system with our Can-Am Defender Audio selection. We offer a variety of sound solutions ranging from roof-mounted systems to compact speaker options.

Can-Am Defender Bumpers

Protect your vehicle from damage with Thumper Fab's heavy-duty Can-Am Defender Bumpers. Our bumpers are designed for maximum protection and durability to keep you safe on the toughest terrains.

Can-Am Defender Doors

Increase the comfort and safety of your UTV with our Can-Am Defender Doors. Our doors are built to offer you both protection and increased ventilation, ensuring a comfortable ride in any weather.

Can-Am Defender Lighting

Light up your path with our selection of Can-Am Defender Lighting options. We offer a variety of high-quality LED lights and mounts, providing superior illumination for your nighttime adventures.

Can-Am Defender Racks

Maximize your storage space with Can-Am Defender Racks. Our racks are designed with a focus on durability and functionality, allowing you to carry all your gear for a day of fun in the great outdoors.

Can-Am Defender Roofs

Prepare your Can-Am Defender for any weather condition with Thumper Fab's reliable Can-Am Defender Roofs. Engineered for a perfect fit and maximum durability, our roofs offer exceptional coverage and protection, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Explore our collection now and find the ideal roof to complement your Can-Am Defender's design while keeping you and your passengers protected.

Can-Am Defender Suspension

Take your Can-Am Defender to new heights with Thumper Fab's premium selection of Can-Am Defender Suspension. Designed for durability and optimal performance, our suspension upgrades offer exceptional handling, increased comfort, and the ability to tackle even the most challenging off-road conditions. Discover the perfect suspension solution for your Can-Am Defender at Thumper Fab and elevate your off-road adventures.


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