Can-Am Audio Roof

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When you're enjoying your Can Am Defender or Can Am Maverick X3, it makes sense that you'd want great audio to go with your outdoor adventure. Our complete line of Rockford Fosgate audio roofs and audio kits for the Can Am Defender and Can Am Maverick X3 will have you rocking out while you enjoy your UTV. Stereo speakers have never sounded as good as these Rockford Fosgate audio kits. Whether you drive a Can Am Defender or Can Am Maverick X3 (from the Can Am Maverick X3 family of side-by-sides), you want a Can Am audio roof or Can Am Maverick X3 Rockford Fosgate audio kit from Thumper Fab.

A sport UTV is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors, get transportation off road, go four-wheeling, and just generally enjoy the ride. Your Can Am Maverick X3 or Can Am Defender can always benefit from Rockford Fosgate audio. That's where our HD powder-coat aluminum audio roofs and audio kits for the Can Am can make your life better. We'll provide the high-quality, LED-illuminated tunes. You provide the fun and excitement in the form of your UTV and your approach to riding!

Audio Roofs For The Can Am Defender

Our aluminum audio roof features a 360 degree LED light package and Rockford Fosgate audio. Designed to be super strong, our HD aluminum audio roof features HD powder coat and Rockford Fosgate stereo speakers. The Quad Row LED light bar in the front, as well as the LED lights at the sides and the rear, offer you amazing illumination for your Can Am defender.

Our goal was to equip the Can Am Defend and Can Am Maverick X3 side-by-sides with the strongest, lightest, and loudest audio packages possible. You don't just want stereo speakers in your Can Am; you want Rockford Fosgate stereo speakers, complete with LED illumination. Rockford Fosgate brings the base and offers the best possible audio quality for the Can Am Maverick X3 and Can Am Defender.

Rockford Fosgate Audio Kits For The Maverick X3

Our Rockford Fosgate audio kits for the Can Am Maverick X3 offer you the best possible Color Optix™ speakers and subwoofers. The kits come complete with everything you need for mounting and installation on your Can Am Maverick X3 (although we do encourage you to refer to our compatibility chart for fitment before you buy). 

Our Rockford Fosgate audio kits are Color Optix™ enabled in that they feature our Color Optix™ controller. This lets you adjust the speakers and rear moto-cans. The audio system is 100% Element Ready™ and lets you take your off-road vehicle into any environment. The amplifier employs a Rockford Fosgate preset for easy set up, providing maximum audio performance without tuning. It's a plug and play audio system that requires no cutting (and only minimal drilling) to install. 

Time To Rock Out With Your Audio Roof Or Audio Kit

When it's time to rock out with your Can Am Maverick X3 or your Can Am Defender, get your Rockford Fosgate audio from us. Rockford Fosgate stereo speakers will take your Can Am Maverick X3 or Can Am Defender to the next level... meaning you'll get the best audio, the most fun, and the most bang for your buck. Our audio roofs and audio kits are specifically designed for your Can Am Defender and Can Am Maverick X3. They'll make your Can Am Defender or Can Am Maverick X3 the best UTV it can be... and that means you'll enjoy the time you spend with your UTV all that much more.

There's no better companion for your Can Am Maverick X3 or Can Am Defender than one of our audio roofs or audio kits, featuring Rockford Fosgate stereo speakers. Don't wait. Check out what we have to offer now.

About Thumper Fab

Thumper Fab is dedicated to providing custom fit tops, bumpers, roll cages, roof racks, and other accessories designed to the specifications of your vehicle, including the Can-Am Defender, Can-Am Defender Max, and others Our high-quality aluminum and steel fabrications, complete with durable HD powder coat as options, are designed for specific vehicle models and manufactured to the most stringent standards of workmanship. We strive to offer you great customer service -- and same day shipping on almost every product in stock in our store!  

The time to upgrade your UTV and get the most out of it is now... and Thumper Fab can bring you whatever you need. Don't settle for flimsy aftermarket accessories that will only fail you. Get the durable, made-in-the-USA treatment by letting Thumper Fab equip your UTV. You rely on your UTV... or you just need it to have the most fun possible. Either way, Thumper Fab has you covered. Check out our line of accessories today. 


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