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Can-Am Defender Lift Kit: The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Vehicle

If you own a Can-Am Defender, you already know it's a force to be reckoned with. But even the most powerful vehicle can be improved with the right upgrades. That's why we've put together this Can-Am Defender guide. With a lift kit, you'll enjoy improved performance and handling on any terrain. So keep reading to find out more about this kit.


What Is A Lift Kit And What Does It Do For The Defender 

A lift kit is an aftermarket modification that can be installed on the Can-Am Defender to improve ground clearance and increase wheel size. Lift kits typically include taller springs, shocks, and spacers to raise the vehicle body and suspension.

Some kits also include higher-strength ball joints to improve suspension articulation. Most lift kits are bolt-on kits that can be installed without major modifications, although some drilling may be required. Lift kits can provide many benefits, including improved off-road performance, a more aggressive appearance, and increased tire clearance.

However, they can also adversely affect on-road handling and fuel economy. Before installing a lift kit, it is important to consider all trade-offs carefully.



How To Install A Lift Kit On Your Own 

Many people think installing a lift kit is difficult and time-consuming, but it's surprisingly easy to do on your own. In most cases, you only need a few tools, some wheel spacers, and about an hour of free time.

The first step is to remove the wheels from your vehicle. This will make it easier to access the suspension and avoid damaging the tires. Once the wheels are off, you can start working on the suspension. The goal is to raise the vehicle's body, so you'll need to add some spacers between the frame and the body. You can find these Spacers online or at most auto parts stores.

Next, you'll need to install the new shocks. Most lift kits will come with instructions on how to do this, but if not, you can find helpful videos online. Once the shocks are in place, you'll need to reconnect the steering and suspension components. Again, your lift kit should have instructions on how to do this. If not, there are plenty of resources available online.

Finally, you'll need to reinstall the wheels and adjust the wheel alignment. This is important if you want to avoid premature tire wear. Congratulations! You've just installed a lift kit on your own!





The Benefits Of Having A Lift Kit Installed On Your Defender 

There are many benefits to having a lift kit installed on your can am defender max. One of the most obvious benefits is extra ground clearance.

This can be especially useful when driving off-roading, as it can help you to avoid obstacles and navigate rough terrain. Additionally, a lift kit can also improve the stability and high lifter of your vehicle. This is because it can help to distribute weight more evenly, making it less likely to tip over.

Finally, a lift kit can also enhance the look of your vehicle, giving it a more aggressive appearance. A lift kit is an excellent modification to consider if you're looking to improve your off-road performance or simply want to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.



Cons Of Can-Am Defender Lift Kit


There are a few potential cons to installing a lift kit on your Can-Am Defender. First, it can negatively affect the handling of your vehicle. A higher center of gravity makes it more likely to roll over, especially when taking sharp turns or going off-road.

Secondly, lift kits can be expensive, and they may not be covered by your warranty. Thirdly, they can put a strain on other parts of your vehicle, such as the suspension and tires. And finally, they can make it more difficult to park and drive in tight spaces.

However, many people feel that the benefits of a lift kit outweigh the drawbacks. A lifted Defender can have improved performance and better clearance for obstacles. It can also give you a smoother ride and better visibility. Ultimately, installing a lift kit on your Can-Am Defender is a personal choice.



Things To Consider Before Buying


Before you buy a Can-Am Defender lift kit, it's important to consider a few factors. First, think about how much clearance you need. If you're planning on tackling rugged terrain, you'll need more clearance than if you're just driving on trails or through light mud. Secondly, consider the size of your tires.

A larger tire will provide more ground clearance, making your vehicle harder to maneuver. Thirdly, decide what type of suspension you want. A coil spring suspension will provide a smoother ride, but a leaf spring suspension will be more durable and handle rough terrain better. Finally, consider your budget.

A higher-priced lift kit will usually provide better quality and performance, but some good options are also available at a lower price point. By taking the time to consider these factors, you can be sure to find the perfect Can-Am Defender lift kit for your needs.



Final Thoughts


If you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle, a Can-Am Defender lift kit is exactly what you need. The kits are made with only the highest quality parts and components, so you can be sure your vehicle will look and perform its best. With a lift kit from our team here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, you can confidently hit the trails or streets, knowing that your ride is up to the task. 


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