Thumper Fab custom RZR build for COWBOYS QB, DAK PRESCOTT

Thumper Fab custom RZR build for COWBOYS QB, DAK PRESCOTT

The Thumper Fab team in Marshall, Texas, was recently approached by Jack Rabbit Offroad, a local motorsports dealership, to join in on a once-in-a-lifetime custom UTV build.



A Polaris RZR utility vehicle customized for the NFL sensation will be given away as part of a fundraiser to benefit the East Texas network of youth community centers

When NFL sensation Dak Prescott reached out to Jack Rabbit Offroad to purchase a Polaris RZR UTV, the dealership’s ownership saw the potential of the sale to have a much greater purpose than a simple transaction. Jack Rabbit Offroad knew that Dak was an active supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs because he had a presence at their local chapter in Marshall, TX. So, the two men started a conversation about how they could do some good together. The result is the creation of a uniquely customized RZR for Prescott that will be donated to raise resources for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines. 

Jack Rabbit Offroad donated the Polaris RZR. Thumper Fab customized it with top of the line custom enhancements, including a roll cage, bumpers, rock sliders, and custom powder coating and fabrication. The off-road vehicle industry’s leading brands—including Rockford Fosgate, PRP Seats, Fielder Paint & Body, V Squared Customs, QuadShop, Evolution Powersports, Western Powersports, Sedona, and FLY Racing—also donated products. Between the Stage 5 Audio System that ties into the Polaris Ride Command and the premium seats, doors and tires, the special customization for Prescott makes this one unique Polaris RZR.   

Prescott will pick-up his bespoke rig Saturday, June 27th at Jack Rabbit Offroad in Marshall, Texas. After enjoying his RZR for one year, Prescott pledged to autograph and donate it to the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Pines. The network of 17 Boys & Girls Clubs is dedicated to empowering the youth of East Texas. They will raffle or auction off Prescott’s personalized UTV to raise funds to support their programs. The specifics of the fundraiser will be announced at a later date. 

While the engine of this collaboration with Jack Rabbit Offroad was initially ignited by a shared enthusiasm for off-road adventures, the shift towards driving critical resources to youth across East Texas communities now fuels it with purpose and intention. Prescott is a passionate advocate for mentorship and credits the Boys & Girls Club and his late mother with shaping his own moral compass, positive attitude and life trajectory. Like the Boys & Girls Clubs, his non-profit foundation, Faith Fight Finish, “invests in the future of our youth by empowering individuals, families and communities to find strength through adversity.”   

Prescott plans to make the most of his time with the Polaris RZR. He expects to be riding it with friends in Arkansas next weekend. Keep an eye on his social media (@_4dak) channels to check out his off-roading adventure. 


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