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20" Sound Bar with FM Radio

TYPE: Audio     SKU: MXASB20V3
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This 20″ soundbar produces impressive sound and performance. The 6 speaker set up features 4 mids and 2 tweeters accompanied by a bass resonator which enhances midbass for a more full and rich sound. The center mounted controller is packed with features including Bluetooth, Aux Inputs and even FM radio with an external antenna.
The soundbar features 3 mounting channels (top, rear, bottom) where you can attach the included mounting brackets. This allows you to mount the unit in a variety of directions to fit most machines. The clamp mounts are capable of attaching to any bar between 1.5″ – 2.25″ in diameter. Simply mount the unit to your desired location, run power and ground and enjoy!
  • Self powered plug & play solution
  • FM Radio with external antenna input
  • 3.5MM AUX input and output
  • M-Bass resonator for enhanced mid bass
  • IP66 water resistant
  • Built in 200 watt amplifier
  • New & improved mesh grill pattern
  • Bluetooth Ready