Exploring top trails in Oklahoma

The Top ATV Trails In Oklahoma You Want To Ride

Oklahoma might not be the first place you think of when you think of fantastic places to ride your ATV. But the flatlands and massive plains in Oklahoma actually make for some pretty fantastic ATV riding. 


Whether you’re looking for something fun to do as an Oklahoma resident or are considering visiting the state and wanting to find more things to do, ATV trail riding is a great option! 


Here are some of the best trail options in Oklahoma. We'll also talk about some of the rules and regulations for riding ATVs in Oklahoma and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about riding in Oklahoma. 


The Best ATV Trails In Oklahoma


If you're looking for the best off-road riding in Oklahoma or the best trail riding experiences in Oklahoma, you're in the right place. We've found the best ATV trails and parks in Oklahoma, as well as areas you can explore off-road safely in Oklahoma. 


Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara State Park is a fantastic place to go if you love scenic desert vistas, lots of open spaces, and areas to play. 


This State Park features over 1,600 acres of sand dunes, with the tallest dunes reaching 75 feet tall! 


Dune buggy and ATV riding are both allowed on the dunes, and there are rental ATVs available if you don’t have one of your own or don’t want to bring your ATV all the way out to Oklahoma. 


This park is widely considered one of the best places to bring an ATV in the Midwest, and there is a ton of fun to be had in the dunes. The cost is just $10 a day for all drivers and passengers, and passengers under 10 years are free.


There are some safety rules and regulations to follow if you bring your own vehicle to the park, including lighting and flag requirements. Full-coverage helmets are encouraged but not required for adults. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a helmet. 


But, this is undoubtedly one of the best off-roading opportunities in Oklahoma. Not to mention that there are camping and other opportunities in this park. 


Pear Orchard ATV Use Area

Pear Orchard Motorcycle Use area is located inside Lake Murray State Park. That’s fantastic since it also means that there are other things to do nearby, including camping, RV hookups, a small convenience store nearby, and a lot more. 


There are a lot of options in the ATV use area, and there is also an area reserved for motorcycles and dirt bikes. So if you have other kinds of vehicles, you can use them as well. 


The ATV use area and trails are mostly novice and intermediate skill areas. There is a limited amount of advanced trails, but there aren’t a ton of them, and they aren’t as difficult as some other advanced trails. 


There aren’t any whip flag requirements for this ATV area. 


Crosstimbers Riding Area

This riding area is a fantastic choice for riders of all skill levels. There are 55 miles of trail here, and a fair number of those trails are one-way. However, there are a few looped trails and runs and places that you can go if you want to learn how to ride or work on your ATV skills. 


All of the trails in this riding area are color-coded and marked by difficulty.  The most advanced trails are tight, have a lot of twists and curves, and also have a couple of deeper creek crossings you’ll be going over. 


The Crosstimbers riding area is inside the Draper Lake ORV area, which also includes campgrounds and a couple of boat ramps onto the lake. 


Broken Bow

The Broken Bow ATV trails are located inside the Ouachita National Forest. The forest trails here lead you through thick old-growth oak forests, over rolling and curving trails, through streams, mud pits, and more. 


If you want to get a fantastic off-roading experience while still having the safety and reassurance of a known and maintained ATV trail, Broken Bow ATV trails are a great place to do that. 


Plenty of amenities are nearby, including Beavers Bend State Park, Broken Bow Lake, and Blue Beaver Luxury cabins if you want to stay nearby for a longer trip. 


Beaver Dunes State Park

Looking for more sand-riding? For fantastic off-roading experiences, you can also go to Beaver Dunes State Park, which offers 300 acres of sand, hills, and two campgrounds nearby. Have younger kids? A playground and the lake itself offer things for smaller kids to do while older kids and grown-ups enjoy time on the dunes. 


If you’re looking for an ATV location that also offers other things to do, the beautiful lake here is stocked, and the campsites have various amenities. Can’t unplug for the trip? Seven of the campground sites offer an electrical hookup for your devices. 


Or, there are one-room cabins to sleep up to 4 people. 


While the ATV riding is less well maintained than some of the ATV-specific locations, this is a great camping vacation destination and a good way to get your family into ATVs. Make sure you bring all of your gear. A bed rack might be helpful!


Appalachia Bay ORV Area

Sometimes called Motorcycle Island, don’t worry; this isn’t actually an island, and there is a road to get you out there. 


That said, the small strip of land that connects the 'island' to the mainland can sometimes flood when the water level in the lake is higher. You'll want to double-check what conditions look like before you head out, just in case. 


There is day parking only, as well on the island, but there are nearby campgrounds with trail access to make things a little easier. 


The real draw for this ATV area is that you can play with many different terrain types. The maximum width of any ATV in this area is 52”. And, like elsewhere in Oklahoma, anyone under 18 is required to wear a helmet. 


A to Z Guest Ranch

The A to Z Guest Ranch has a ton of different amenities and things for you to do while you’re here, including ATV trails. 


However, these are not publicly available ATV trails, you will need to be staying at the A to Z Guest Ranch if you want to use their trails and facilities. There are cabins and campsites available, as well as horse trails and other outdoor activities. 


If you want to use the ATV trails, your ATV must be titled and registered, and A to Z does not rent ATVs to guests, though there are a few ATV and boat rental options nearby if you’re looking for an alternative to bringing your own. 


The trails here are beautiful but not normally super challenging. If you’re just looking for a relaxed ride to enjoy, this is a good place to visit. 


Camp Gruber ORV Area

For more advanced riders, you might be interested in Camp Gruber as one of the best trail ATV experiences in Oklahoma. There are 450 acres in this park, and the trails combine a lot of rocky areas, creek crossings, and steep hills. You should also be prepared for tight curves and turns and limited visibility in some of the more heavily wooded areas, so make sure you have good lighting on your ATV.


One of the nice things about this area is that you can ride year-round outside of some scheduled events that close the area. However, hunting is allowed in the same area, so use caution during hunting season. 


Camping is allowed in the ORV area, but there is some private land to the south that you need to avoid since neither camping nor motorized vehicles are allowed on the private land. 


Crossbar Ranch

This is a good option if you’re looking for a larger ATV trail area in Oklahoma. With over 200 miles of trail to explore, there’s more to do here than almost anyone can do in one trip. Plus, the trails are beautiful and interesting enough to bring you back for more time and time again. 


Thankfully, with the incredible number of trails here, there are also trails for all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced technical riders. Whether you’re looking for challenging trails, climbing, flat land, or obstacles, this ranch has you covered.


Kaw Lake OHV Area 

The 200-acre OHV trail is available to ATVs and dirt bikes every day. You’ll also see the occasional UTV in this area, and there are camping areas, restrooms, and RV sites for your convenience. Plus, a public shower, which is great for longer stays! 


Most of the area here is good for novices or intermediate ATV riders and is relatively flat and easy to navigate other than the rock obstacles. 


An additional 10 miles of trails are available, with both forest floor and beach trails available. 


Overnight parking isn’t permitted, and vehicles need to be moved back and forth between the camping areas and the ATV off-roading or trails every day. 


Rules and Regulations For Riding ATVs In Oklahoma


The rules and regulations in Oklahoma are pretty similar to most other states. ATVs are required to be titled and registered for residents, and out-of-state vacationers need to follow the rules for their home state. 


Any operator using an ATV to cross roads or public areas where necessary and legally allowed must have a valid driver's license. Highway crossings and other use of roads or streets are required to happen in daylight. 


Additionally, all riders or operators aged 17 years or younger are required to have helmets. 


In addition, all ATV riders or operators in Oklahoma are required to follow any additional rules and regulations of the area that they are riding, including if there are additional requirements for safety or visibility gear. 


The Best Time To Explore ATV Trails In Oklahoma

It’s generally agreed that the best times to explore ATV recreation in Oklahoma are in the Spring and Autumn. That’s mostly because those months have relatively good weather, without the high heat of the summer or the snow and other hazards of winter. 


That said, there are a lot of ATV trails and areas that are available for use year-round, conditions permitting. 



Where Can I Access Detailed Maps Of ATV Trails In Oklahoma?

This federal list of trails and off-roading areas doesn’t truly cover 100% of the trails or off-roading areas in Oklahoma, but it gives you many maps and information. 


Can I Rent ATVs For Trail Riding In Oklahoma?

Yes, there are quite a few rental businesses in Oklahoma, so if you’re looking for a rental, there are good odds that you’ll be able to find one in your area. Some trails and recreation areas also have their own ATVs available for rent.


Any time you want to rent an ATV in Oklahoma, especially if you’re looking forward to off-roading in Oklahoma or exploring Oklahoma ATV trails, we would recommend reserving your rental in advance. 


Whether you're an Oklahoma resident looking for some local fun or a visitor seeking adventure, ATV trail riding in this state is an excellent choice.

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