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The Best Sound Bar for Polaris Ranger 1000

For those who own a Polaris Ranger 1000, it may be boring just riding in silence. So it could get better with a little music, right? If you are looking for the best sound bar for a Polaris Ranger 1000 this is the guide for you. We’ll be going over x of the best options you can find.


You’ll also find out what factors to consider that will help you find the right sound bar. Whether it’s riding around or playing music while you’re enjoying the outdoors, fill the air with your favorite tunes - whether your Polaris Ranger is moving or parked. Let’s get started right now with our list.

Rear Audio Cap for Select 2018+ Ranger Models


First, let’s take a look at the Rear Audio Cap for those who have Polaris Ranger models from 2018 and beyond. If you are looking for a premier audio experience, this could be worth the investment. Especially when you want to take your favorite tunes with you. It’s all possible with the inclusion of 4 8-inch speakers and an 800-watt amplifier that can really get the sound pumping.


Here’s the cool thing about this sound bar: it’s an outdoor warrior. Meaning it’s tough enough to withstand water, UV rays, and salt. It’s durable and can last quite awhile. Durability, even against nature’s elements, will be one of the other features that will make you want to snag this for your Polaris Ranger.


The sound bar comes with mounting holes that can fit any UTV including your Polaris Ranger 1000. So you can be able to install it and play your favorite music, be it on the trail or when you’re camping out. It also has a multicolor LED light to make it stand out in terms of looks and style. Talk about “pimping” your ride.


For the price that it’s going for, you’re going to get a rich amount of sound. If you want excellent sound quality without spending too much, it’s clear this soundbar will be great for your Polaris Ranger 1000.



  • Easy to install
  • Handles all kinds of weather conditions
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Fits Polaris Ranger models from 2018 and beyond
  • Aesthetically pleasing thanks to LED lights


Front & Rear Audio Roof for Select 2018+ Ranger Crew Models


What if you wanted more than just the rear audio cap? No problem, we’ve got you covered right here. So what will you get from this package deal? Not only do you get eight 8-inch speakers, but two 10-inch subwoofers, and an amplifier that is packed at 1500 watts.


Let’s not forget that it has the same abilities that resist all kinds of natural elements. Again, that’s UV rays, water, and salt. You’ll have this for a long time, especially when it’s mounted on your roof. It can also stand up to mud, so that’s definitely a plus for those who want to get down and dirty.


Simply put, you get a beefy sound system for your Polaris Ranger. You might as well consider your UTV a DJ booth on wheels at this point. The only difference is you can use your smartphone and your favorite music apps rather than a turntable. If you feel that is the case, be sure to mention that in your review.


There is no denying that this soundbar will be worth every penny. With the LED lights making it look good and pulsating to the sound of the music, you’ll know that you’ve made a good investment for this Polaris Ranger 1000 add-on. Whether it’s getting together with your fellow off-roaders or a Sunday cruise, it’s a lot better with your favorite tunes featuring an overhead stereo that can really put a smile on your face. 


Finally, you can install this using the OEM mounting holes. Which means easy installation that will take you literally minutes. By the way, if we didn’t mention this before we’ll say it again. The installation process is simple and does require minimal disassembly and some drilling.


We promise you that it won’t be a complex project. It’ll be enjoyable enough given the anticipation you’ll experience with a premium audio performance like no other. We mean it, installing one of the best sound bars for a Polaris Ranger 1000 (like this) will be worth it.



  • Seamless connectivity, especially with Bluetooth
  • Sound is excellent and clear
  • No distortion at higher volumes
  • Easy to install. Takes about 20 minutes or less
  • Great for riding, outdoor parties, etc.

Ranger Core 4 Audio Kit


Whether it’s from Spotify, Pandora, or your trusty MP3 player for audio content, you can connect your Ranger 4 Audio Kit with ease. It has front and rear speaker pods that can really give you the audio experience that really pops. Best of all - you don’t need to do any kind of customization in order to experience it.


If you are looking for the closest thing to an entry-level speaker system for your Polaris Ranger, this is it. Now when we say entry-level, did we say low quality? No we didn’t. Once you play music coming from one of the best sound bars for Polaris Ranger 1000, you’ll be surprised that “entry level” doesn’t come close to the description.


The LED lighting on both the rear and front speaker pods makes this one of the most visually appealing. And it’s also IP6 rated, meaning it will be resistant to nature’s elements like water and whatever nature throws its way. Once you install this and get it going, you’ll know right away you’ve invested in a great sound system for side-by-side trail riding.



  • Sound quality is amazing
  • Quick installation
  • No buzzing or vibrating
  • Easy to connect with Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Polaris Ranger 1000 and other model types (2018 +)


Ranger Stage-5 Audio System for Ride Command


Next up, we’ve got the Ranger Stage-5 Audio System for Ride Command. Ah yes, it would make sense to use that little gadget to get some tunes going. Whether it’s from your favorite music app or even the radio, you have the perfect hub to play all of your favorites. Not to be outdone, it also has compatibility with both iOS and Android.


The audio system is designed to match your Polaris Ranger model. So if you are looking for something that will be the best possible fit, you might like this sound bar in particular. It’s got Bluetooth connectivity that is seamless and will perform excellent right out of the box.


If you hate complex installations, guess what? This audio system will be easy to install. Before you know it, this baby will be ready to go. You can rock out to your favorite tunes while hitting your favorite trails. Or if you’re outdoors with friends, it can serve as the perfect DJ booth for that little shindig by the fire away from civilization. That ain’t a bad idea now that we think about it.



  • Great sound without distortion
  • Mounting is easy for Polaris Ranger models
  • Quite durable
  • You can hear it easily even at faster speeds
  • No wind noise to deal with


Ranger 1000 Audio Roof - F4.2


Our final sound bar for Polaris Ranger 1000 we have the Audio Roof F4.2. If you are looking for something that is super strong and has excellent corrosion protection, this bad boy will be one of the best options. Needless to say, it’s easy to install, which gives you more time to enjoy the maximum experience that is listening to music.


This features an audio package consisting of a PMX-2 head unit, M2 - 6.5” and 8” speakers and a 10” subwoofer. You also get two amps: T400 and PRR300. Throw in your LED lights for a visual experience like nothing else and you have a sound system that was made for your Polaris Ranger.


Simply put, this is the audio system that will turn heads. Hopefully it won’t be on the trail though - because your fellow riders need to focus on what’s in front of them. So let’s say with the sound quality it has, it can really perk up ears.



  • Straightforward installation
  • Bright LED lights that can really make it visually stand out
  • Outstanding sound
  • Seamless bluetooth connection
  • Easy to hear at cruising speeds


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Sound Bar for a Polaris Ranger 1000


Now that we have listed five of the best sound bars for a Polaris Ranger 1000, you might be wondering which one stands out. Since so many options can be challenging, the following list of considerations may help make the decision easier. Here’s a look at the following factors:




This includes USB, Bluetooth, or cigarette lighter power connections. If you are looking for a seamless connection without wires, a bluetooth sound bar will always be a good option. USB and cigarette lighters as a power source can be reliable too, but obviously require wired plug-ins.


Sound Quality and Volume


The more speakers it has, the better. One of its outstanding highlights is overall sound quality. It could also play a role in whether or not you can hear it while you’re going at cruising speeds. Yes, loud is good, whether you’re on the move or stationary. However, too loud can be an issue when it comes to safety and those around you.




The more you spend, the better the performance. That may be the case. However, it’s better to find the best performance you can afford, especially when it comes to sound, installation, and connectivity. The cheapest available option may not always produce the best results. Check the reviews for sound bars that fit your budget and see what people are saying about how well it does sound wise and beyond.


Final Thoughts


Your best sound bar for a Polaris Ranger 1000 may be one of the five we’ve listed above. If you’re looking for something that will be great for music while traveling or camping out, we hope you choose the best option. There is no awesome experience in the world quite like an enjoyable ride on the trails with your favorite tunes. Choose one of these and it may be one of the best aftermarket options you've ever invested in.


Check out what Thumper Fab has today for sound bars for your Polaris Ranger 1000. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed with our selections.


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