Polaris Ranger 1500 XD Single Cab

The Best Gun Racks for Polaris Ranger

If you hunt and get around in a Polaris Ranger, this is the guide for you. You may be looking for a varmint or small game. Or you may be after that next trophy hunt to add to your wall. Whatever it may be, there could be a gun rack that matches your needs and preferences.


This guide will discuss your best options when it comes to the best gun racks for Polaris Ranger. You could find one that fits your trust shotgun or rifle. It may be for hunting or target practicing at your favorite spot in the woods. Let’s cut to the chase and go over the list of the following two options on the market right now.

Ranger Hidden Gun Mount V2


First on the list is the Ranger Hidden Gun Mount V2. It might be the best gun rack for a Polaris Ranger if you want something that’s low profile. This rack will be able to fit your shotguns and rifles with ease. It’s great for hunting but it can also be great for transporting rifles to and from your favorite spot where you can practice your marksmanship. It could be a remote area on your property or even the shooting range down the road.


One of the things we like about this is that it’s hidden. Meaning the mount is not bulky and won’t take up a ton of space. Nonetheless, you want things to have their own space. Of course, you need your own space too when you are traveling to and from your favorite hunting spot.


This rack isn’t just for firearms in particular. You can also use this as a bow rack as well. If you love hunting and it’s bow-only, this rack still proves itself useful. It can also be great for fishing poles, shelves, and other long items that are measured up to 4 inches in diameter. Safely and securely store the items you want to tote along and you’ll be in business.


The Ranger Hidden Gun Mount V2 is easily adjustable. It can also be installed without any drilling needed. All you need to do at this point is install it and it’ll be good to go. It’s strong, sleek, and perhaps one of the best aftermarket accessories a Polaris Ranger owner could have.


If you are an outdoor sport kind of person, you might not want to leave home without this being installed on your Polaris Ranger. Especially when it has the opportunity to handle more than just firearms.



  • Fits all kinds of Polaris Ranger models
  • Great for many rifles, shotguns, and similar items
  • Good durability
  • Great for rifle storage during long hunting trips
  • Easy installation


Rubber Gun Butt Stock Floor Mount (Pair)


For a gun rack that won’t slip, this is an excellent option. Not only that, it can also keep the buttstock of your rifles and shotguns secure. If there’s a chance you may be bumping into challenging terrain, odds are this will be one of the best gun racks for a Polaris Ranger.


Whether you know it or not, the rubber may even reduce the amount of shock that comes from bumpy rides. So if you have a rifle with a scope you just zeroed in, you might be worried that the scope may need to be reset again. The good news is that it won’t, especially the heavy duty scopes that were designed to absorb massive amounts of shock from the rifle’s recoil.


In other words, this gun rack in particular gives it that extra layer of protection. It’s one of the best quality racks on the market and for good reason. The price that it goes for is quite reasonable since there are gun racks on the market that will be quite pricey. Another thing we like is that it’s simple to install.


No matter how intense the ride gets, your rifles and shotguns will stay in place. And this floor mount rack has the ability to stay durable for a long time.



  • Superior durability
  • Can fit many Polaris Ranger models
  • Has great shock protection
  • Holds firm even during intense rides
  • Quick installation


What to Consider Before Choosing the Best Gun Rack for Polaris Ranger?


It can be hard choosing the right gun rack for a Polaris Ranger? However, knowing what factors to consider will make things easier. Let’s take a look at what you need to mull over before making a final option:


How Many Firearms Are You Looking to Bring?


Having a solid gun rack for a Polaris Ranger will be good to have. But the real question is: how many firearms do you want your ideal rack to hold? You can choose a rack that can hold one or choose something that can handle two or more. Racks that can handle two or more may be a more expensive option.




Needless to say, durability should be something that you don’t want to compromise on. Especially if you’re traveling on terrain that may be a bit rougher. You don’t want your firearms to get damaged due to the shaky ground you are traveling on. At the same time, you don’t want the firearms to move around loosely. A durable rack will make sure everything stays in place.


Will It Fit Your Polaris Ranger?


Some racks will be able to fit certain Polaris Ranger models. Others may be universal. So it’s important to choose the one that will be the best fit for you. One of the reasons why it may be exclusive to certain models is the length. It may be enough to fit a certain model due to its dimensions - be it in the cab or on the cargo bed.


Whether it's an overhead gun rack, a gun boot, or a simple hidden rack, if it fits your Polaris Ranger you are good to go. It'll be the most reliable hunting accessory to have even on long trips. 




Finally, it’s important to find a gun rack for a Polaris Ranger that is a fit for your budget. Of course, you want to choose one that will be great for overall quality and functionality. The cheapest option may not be the best in these attributes. Check for reviews for any racks that are within your budget range.


Look for any good reviews on the overall quality and functionality. It should be sturdy and durable so it doesn’t easily break. Super cheap gun racks may tend to break and never live up to its expectations as a reliable tool for your Polaris Ranger.


What Are These Gun Racks Best For?


There’s always a purpose for a gun rack you can install on a Polaris Ranger. So what are your intent and purposes? Let’s delve in and go over the common ones:




Of course, you wouldn’t be out on the trails searching for that next game target without a gun rack. It might be a mild day and you’re out in the open field. You’re riding through to your favorite hiding spot where you plan on sitting for a while. If you are carrying rifles like your heavy hitters for the big game like deer, elk, or moose, a gun rack for your Polaris Ranger will be sufficient.


Since we’re on the topic of hunting, these gun racks can also be used as a bow rack too. Archery hunters can rejoice knowing you sort of have a multi-purpose rack that can work to your benefit. If it’s got enough space and strength to handle your bow, why not put a gun rack to good use.


Target Shooting


Maybe hunting season isn’t in full swing yet. But you want to tune up your favorite rifle to make sure it’s ready for it. You can tote this with you to the range or a spot where you normally target practice. You have a gun rack that will allow you to go from point A to point B.


While you’re at it, hopefully you can use your rack for any clay targets you may have. Or you can safely store it in the cargo space your Polaris Ranger has. Either way, it’s nice to have the equipment that you need to make sure your shots are sharp as a tack, especially at the moment when it really needs to count (like hunting).



Just because it’s a gun rack, doesn’t mean it will be solely for that purpose. Many of Fab Thumper’s customers that bought these will use them as a fishing pole rack. Ideally, you may lay them flat on the cargo bed. But what if you don’t have the adequate space or don’t have the time to empty it out?


Your fishing pole obviously won’t take up too much space. But it can be sizable enough to be stored securely on a gun rack. You can hold up to a few fishing poles at a time depending on the rack’s size.


With your rack as a pole holder, you might use your cargo space as one giant tackle box. Then again, you probably don’t have a lot of fishing gear to take up all that space.


Treasure Hunting


Get this: you have a metal detector and shovels. You’re going to search the grounds for something valuable. It might not be a treasure chest. But it can be for old coins, historical relics, old discarded ammo, or something else. A gun rack can be the best option for some of your digging tools or even a metal detector (assuming it can fit).


For outdoor treasure hunters, you can save yourself quite a bit of cargo and even bed space. And it’s all thanks to a gun rack that can be reliable enough to handle non-firearm items. Once again, it’s always good to have a reliable accessory that does more than handle firearm storage.


Final Thoughts


Gun racks for your Polaris Ranger come in different shapes and sizes. But you can choose one that’s the best fit for you. Hunters can choose one that fits their needs and preferences. If you need one for your heavy scoped rifle, we’ve got one for you.


In addition, choose one that will be the best fit when it comes to providing your firearms, fishing poles, and other outdoor tools with stability. If you can find one that is a fit for your budget and excellent in quality, you should be good to go.

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