2021 Can AM Defender MAX Limited

The Best Can-Am Defender Accessories for Superior Performance

Owning a Can-Am Defender might be exciting for you. Yet, you realize that it has quite a bit of room for customization. You want to get the most out of its performance for as long as possible. Guess what? You can, with the help of this guide in finding the top-rated Can-Am Defender accessories. You must find the best ones based on performance and quality.

This is a huge tip to follow if you’re in a situation where you want to stick to a certain budget. Whether it’s a full-on upgrade of the entire vehicle or one part, you might find something that will help give your Can-Am Defender that excellent boost in performance. Let’s get started.

2021 Can Am Defender MAX Limited


What Are the Best Accessories for a Can-Am Defender?


Of course, you’re here to see what Can-Am Defender upgrade accessories you can get your hands on. We won’t waste a lot of time here. Before we continue, you’ll want to go over the list carefully since you may have a few considerations to mull over before making a final purchasing decision.


Is it something you need? Will your Can-Am Defender perform better? These are questions you’ll want to ask yourself each time.


Here are the five most critical aftermarket accessories for a Can-Am Defender right now:


1. Polycarbonate Front and Back Windshields


Having a windshield that provides you with excellent protection against the elements will be key. Your Can-Am Defender will be compatible with six different types of windshields:


  • Full windshields (vented option available)
  • Flip up windshield
  • 3-in-1 windshield
  • Half windshield
  • Glass Windshield


Choosing one will depend on the climate you’re in. The hot days may be ideal for a windshield that can flip up or feature a vent. You’re still going to kick up a little dust and whatnot, so it may be wise to keep that in mind when finding a good upgrade windshield.


Another thing not to forget is your back windshields. While you don’t have as many options compared to its front counterpart, you’ll want something solid and able to do its job. We could say that it’s the one thing you might not want to go on the trail without (and for good reason).


2. Wide-angle Rear View Mirrors


These will apply more or less to areas where UTVs are street-legal. If you happen to live in those areas, these could be a great addition. These may be required to be installed to comply with traffic laws in your jurisdiction (i.e. - being able to see at least 200 feet behind your UTV). Yes, safety is paramount no matter what kind of vehicle you operate


Wide-angle views will be an excellent addition for one reason: it will give you a better field of view. They can be useful if you’re riding on an off-road trail and it just so happens to be busy that day. The last thing you ever want to do is cut someone off and cause an accident.


Needless to say, they are some of the Can-Am Defender customization upgrades that don't get enough appreciation. The reason of course is people want accessories and upgrades that make them want to go faster, handle their vehicles better, and so on. However, safety is still paramount - including being aware of your surroundings.

3. 2” Forward Offset A-Arms


If you’re intent on using your Can-Am Defender to get it dirty or ride on rocky trails, this could be an excellent accessory to add on. Having 2” forward offset A-Arms can be great for tackling those challenging trails along with giving you enough leeway to add larger-size tires without the need of a lift kit.


The real question is: do Can-Am Defender performance parts like this give you stability? The answer is yes. The longer answer, having these will give you more strength compared to the OEM tubing you have with your vehicle.


To that end, adding these A-arms will be without question the best durable Can-Am accessories around. Who says you can’t have fun on the rough trails with your Defender? Unless you upgrade it with this part, in particular, your opportunities may be limited.


The sooner you grab the necessary upgrades to make your Defender rough trail-friendly, the better.


4. Ready-Fit Winch


If you think a winch isn’t the most critical Can-Am Defender upgrade, you might want to re-think that. Here’s the deal: vehicles get stuck - especially on muddy trails. Yours could suffer the same fate.


So it may be a good idea to have a ready-fit winch installed on your Defender. Because you’ll never know if and when you are going to use it. Besides, no one wants to be stuck on the trails for hours on end with no available assistance (or worse no way out).


The good news is that these winches come with a synthetic rope, which will be strong enough to tow objects like disabled vehicles and even trailers with a few things you can tow around. It's a must-have addition for any Can-Am Defender UTV you own.


Now the question becomes, which one will be better in terms of towing capacities? That’s something you can decide on yourself based on the size of your rig and your riding style. Once you have a good idea of that, the choice becomes a no-brainer.


5. 3” Lift Kit


If you plan on upping your ground and tire clearance, obviously a lift kit might be your best option. Contrary to popular belief, such an upgrade isn’t just for those who want to go all out with their riding style (as in hitting the rough trails). Once you’re able to add this bad boy to your Can-Am Defender, you’ll notice a huge difference in what you can do.


This includes being able to clear past washouts and ditches without issue. Furthermore, you’ll also have the ability to hit the rocky trails and not have to worry about the larger objects becoming a problem. This accessory in particular makes the experience much more fun.

2021 Can An Defender Max L5


How Can I Improve the Performance of My Can-Am Defender?


The answer is obvious: find the best Can-Am off-road enhancements that can make it happen. However, it is important to find out what your overall goal is in terms of performance. Are you looking to boost performance in a wide range or improve a specific area?


Another is determining your end goal. Do you want to rip up the rocky trails without issues? Or are you just using it to get from point A to point B in an off-road kind of fashion?


Your personal needs based on your riding style should play a huge role here. Because it will help you make the best decisions on finding upgrades that will prove its worth better than the stock accessories that come with your Can-Am Defender.


What Are Some Recommended Upgrades for a Can-Am Defender?


Once again, the answer is dependent on factors such as your riding style, how much money you want to invest in those upgrades, and so on. If you are planning on going forward with it, you may want to make the distinction between performance and for the sake of vanity.


Performance upgrades like lift kits and A-arms will be recommended if you know for a fact the trails you travel will be a bit more challenging. Because such trail conditions could cause stress to your OEM parts. These upgrades will be more than recommended at this point.


Likewise, you have mirrors and windshields. If you value protection, comfort, and safety - these will be worth considering since there are plenty of available options. Either way, the main goal to keep in mind is how the overall riding experience will play out every time.


If you have others riding along with you, consider them. Do you want them to have a safe and enjoyable riding experience? Of course, you do.


Where Can I Find Durable Accessories for a Can-Am Defender?


It is possible to find durable accessories for a Can-Am Defender both online and offline. However, some challenges may arise. For example, some may have concerns about purchasing durable Can-Am accessories online because of the questions regarding the real quality and durability.


That’s understandable. And it may be the reason why people may prefer purchasing their parts offline. At Thumper Fab, we guarantee that the accessories you order for your Defender are the real deal (and durable too).


The more durable these accessories can be, the better. However, you still need to perform the important tasks of maintenance. This includes checking the oil and tires and changing them whenever necessary.


Durable parts are one thing. But the regular and necessary maintenance will make a difference when you want your Can-Am Defender to last a long time. Overlooking routine maintenance would be a mistake.


How Can I Customize My Can-Am Defender for Off-Road Usage?


Customizing your Can-Am Defender for off-road use is possible by choosing the right parts. The non-negotiable part to consider is a lift kit. You want just enough clearance to ensure you can go off-roading without the fear of having your undercarriage caught up on.


It should also be a good idea to find the right tires that are appropriate for off-road usage. The thing to remember is that it must be compatible with your lift kit. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the riding experience without worrying about tires that can easily puncture or have poor-quality traction.


If off-road is the goal, finding the best possible accessories for Can-Am Defender customization that fit the purpose is a must. Quality and performance will be your best “make or break” attributes to look out for - but find it at a price that is affordable to you (i.e. - don’t mistake that for the cheapest option).


Upgrade Your Ride With the Best Can-Am Defender Accessories Today


If you’re looking for Can-Am Defender Accessories for the best performance possible, you’ll find that there are more than enough places to find the right parts. However, Thumper Fab is home to all kinds of parts you can get for your Defender and other UTV vehicles.

Whether it’s your most critical upgrades for off-roading or a new windshield, we’ve got you covered. Want to see what we have in stock right now? Come check out what Thumper Fab has for you.

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