Incredible ATV Trails to Visit in Texas

Incredible ATV Trails to Visit in Texas

The Lone Star state might not be the first place you think of when you think of OHV riding, ATV trail riding, or outdoor adventures, but exploring Texas on an ATV really is a fantastic way to get to see the state up close and personal.

There are a lot of Texas outdoor recreational trails that can let you see parts of the state you otherwise never would. From family-friendly ATV trails in Texas to the backcountry trails that make the state something really special for ATV and off-roading enthusiasts, there’s a lot to explore!

Whether you’re looking for the best ATV trails in Texas for a visit or as a resident in the Lone Star State, Thumper Fab can help. We’ve found a mix of Texas ATV adventures, including parks, trails, and recreational areas that make exploring this state on an ATV a ton of fun.

Here are some of the most incredible ATV trails in Texas:

Top ATV Trails in Texas: Explore the Lone Star State Up Close

Before you head to Texas, you need to make sure you have the proper safety gear and accessories. From racks to a new roof for your ATV, make sure your ride is ready to roll before you head to Texas.

It’s always a good idea to have more safety gear than required when you’re exploring on an ATV, especially since you never really know what you’re going to encounter while you’re on the trail.

Now, let’s dive in to the best ATV trails in Texas:

Alligator Run Offroad Park

Outside of Easton Texas, this park offers a huge 5,200 acres of land for you to explore on your ATV. Also open to UTVs, dirt bikes, 4x4s, and even Monster Trucks.

That does mean that this location needs a slightly higher skill level since you’ll be driving around vehicles larger than yours, and need to have the experience to be able to keep track of those vehicles and your own safety.

There are trails and areas in this off-roading park for all skill levels and is generally well-mapped and divided between those places.

The cost of this park is $10 per day or $15 for a weekend pass.

Childress ATV & Motocross Park

A slightly smaller area, the Childress ATV and Motocross Park has 16 miles of well-maintained and easy-to-traverse trails. The difficulty level does vary a bit, but most of the trails are beginner-friendly, with a few sections that will challenge experts.

The motocross park itself gives you a ton of ways to test your skills, push your vehicle, and have a great time doing it.

However, this park does have a lot of weather closures to maintain safe conditions. Too much moisture — or too little — can both force a condition's closure from time to time at this park.

Eisenhower State Park

One of the smallest tracks we’ll recommend, Eisenhower State Park has 2.5 miles of trails, but it’s an interesting enough trail that you’ll want to go through it several times while you’re visiting.

This is a good place for novice and experienced riders, though it’s not going to push anyone’s skills much to run this track.

At the low cost of just $5 a day to visit and with the other things you can do in Eisenhower State Park as well, we think this track is well worth a visit.

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area

Outside of Gilmer, this park has almost 2,000 acres of land, with a ton of trails for people of all experience levels to explore.

Make sure to pay attention to the posted height and width limits for the different trails for your vehicles. Some of the more challenging sections have the trail literally cut through the land, and larger vehicles just won’t fit through those tunnels.

But the exhilaration of clearing one of the more difficult loops of the trails here is a sensation you’ll never forget.

There are beginner loops here, all the way up through expert levels. This recreation area can help you upskill anytime you want to practice and get better, but has plenty to do even if you don’t want to push your skills and ATV to the limit.

Black Gap UTV Trail

If you're looking for a hidden gem ATV trail, this might just be the option for you. Black Gap is a little more than a 16-mile out-and-back trail, which can be a lot of fun since you're usually on your own, so you can set your own pace.

This route isn't very novice-friendly; it's an intermediate challenge with some more difficult spots, but it's beautiful and memorable.

Note that unlike a lot of ATV trails out here, this location is not dog-friendly. Your dogs will need to stay home if you’re coming to this location.

Sabine ATV Park

Home of the Mud Nationals, this park is a bucket list destination for ATV riders. No matter your level of experience or what you’re looking for when you drive ATVs, this park has something for you.

There are a ton of different terrain types packed into this park as well, with trails exploring all of them.

This location is also great for families since they specifically design everything to be as family-friendly as possible. If you want to stay here, there are RV and tent camping opportunities, as well as cabins for rent.

If you aren’t looking for a longer stay, there are day passes over the weekend, although they are a bit pricier than some other locations.

General Sam’s Offroad Park

This park is around Huntsville, TX, with 706 acres of land for you to explore. Trails are available, but you’ll also see plenty of people off-roading and exploring the terrain at their own leisure according to their skill level and their vehicle’s abilities.

There are muddy areas, sand, creek crossings, rocks, and hilly sections of this area, and it’s open to ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s, and Dune Buggies.

This is one of those parks that people of any skill level can enjoy. If you want to challenge yourself, you can. If you want a nice relaxing trail ride in a beautiful area, you can get that too.

Guided ATV Trail Rides in Texas

Whether you’re a new or experienced ATV driver, going on a guided experience can be relaxing. There are a lot of guided opportunities in Texas, so we’re just going to highlight a couple of the best options.

Texas Off Road and Adventours LLC

Texas Off Road Adventours offers a range of experiences for groups, with a maximum of four ATVs on each tour, this is a great way to spend time specifically with your friends and family. Kids can ride as passengers, but drivers are required to be at least 16 years old.

There are one and two-hour four ATV tours, or a single one-hour large group tour for more than four ATVs.

Far Flung Outdoor Center

Far Flung Outdoor Center offers a beginner to intermediate three-hour tour, which explores the Big Bend. This is a private property tour, meaning this tour is the only way to explore this part of the Big Bend.

This is another small group-oriented tour, with no more than five ATVs going out at a time, and no more than two riders per ATV.

ATV Parks Near Major Cities in Texas

Here are a few of the ATV parks you can visit near major cities in Texas. There are a lot of these, and it’s important to remember that Texas is a big state, and even nearby things can be a fairly long drive away.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

About an hour outside of Austin, near Marble Falls, Hidden Falls is known for offering a little bit of everything ATV riders are looking for. There are a ton of different terrain types here, off-roading for ATVs and 4x4s, as well as boating opportunities.

In addition, this park offers primitive campsites, bunkhouses, and several different RV parks; however, this park is only open to the public from Thursday through Sunday.

Trophy Club Park

This park is owned and operated by the smaller city of Trophy Club, but it’s close to Fort Worth and Dallas. There is a $15 fee, and riders are required to have a Texas OHV decal. If you meet those requirements, there are off-roading, boating, hiking, fishing, and even hunting opportunities in the park.

Open year-round, this is a great destination if you’re looking for something to do while you’re visiting Texas.

Northwest OHV Park

This OHV park is owned and operated by the city of Bridgeport exclusively. There are a range of different options in this park, from open areas for off-roading to curated trails with a variety of terrains, views, and difficulty levels.

The daily fee for ATV riders is just $15, with local resident discounts for Bridgeport residents.

One note: if you’re headed to this park, you’ll want to reserve your day pass ahead of time since there is a limit on the number of people allowed in the park at any one time.

Frequently Asked Questions


What safety measures should I take while riding on ATV trails in Texas?

It’s always important to wear your safety equipment, including a helmet and goggles, even if they aren't legally required. Full-size OHVs are recommended to have a roll cage, and smaller vehicles can also benefit from having one.

It’s also important to supervise younger riders and make sure everyone is in an ATV of appropriate size and power for their age, experience, and skill level.


Texas ranch landscape


Do you need a special permit to operate an ATV in Texas?

Yes, all ATV operators in Texas need to have completed an ATV Operator Education Course and carry proof of completing that course with them anytime they are operating an ATV.

There are age restrictions as well for registering for a course, so generally Texan ATV operators need to be at least 16 years old.

You are also required to have a valid ID and to carry the pass for any ATV use area that requires one.

Some areas will require an OHV pass, so it’s important to look out ahead of time if you’re going to need to get one when you’re heading to Texas for an ATV trip.

Texas locals should also look for local resident discounts since there tend to be at least a few options.




What’s that they say…everything is bigger in Texas? That includes the list of great ATV trails.

As you can tell, the Lone Star State has plenty of options to choose from. Two things are guaranteed:


  1. You’ll have fun wherever you go in Texas.
  2. You need to make sure you’re arriving in style, which means upgrading your ATV to reflect your personality.


When it comes to ensuring your vehicle represents you, check out Thumper Fab’s new arrivals today!

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