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Fantastic ATV Trails in Arkansas You Won’t Want to Skip

Arkansas is one of those states you really have to see for yourself if you enjoy ATV riding. It’s like a lot of the American South, rugged and varied terrain that’s different around every corner. That makes this one of the best states to visit for ATV trail riding and off-roading experiences.

Whether you live in Arkansas and are looking for new trail riding opportunities or are visiting the state and want to know what you can do while you’re there, we have listed some fantastic ATV trails in Arkansas. We’ve also tried to include some of the best off-roading experiences in Arkansas.

We’ll also answer a couple of common questions about ATV riding in Arkansas after we go over the best ATV trails in Arkansas.


Best ATV Trails in Arkansas

This part of the country in general has a ton of different outdoor recreation activities, including a lot of trail riding and off-roading opportunities.

We couldn’t possibly list all of the ATV trails in Arkansas here, but we can give you a good sense of the best ATV trail riding experiences in Arkansas, as well as suggest trails and off-roading areas for people of all skill levels.

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3B Off-Road & RV Park

This park is a great place to go if you’re looking for a vacation area where you can spend a longer trip. It’s great for going on a day trip just for ATV riding, but also a good location for camping and outdoor family vacations.

This is an off-roading camp, which means that you don't have to stick to just the trails if you have the skill and experience to go off-road in your ATV. There are also trails — both double-wide and single-wide options — designed for a variety of skill levels.

For the camping side of things, there are primitive tent sites as well as full RV hookups available. The bathhouse, laundry room, and showers make longer trips more comfortable and convenient.

Brock Creek in Ozark-St. Francis National Park

Brock Creek Trails is an area that caters to ATV and dirt bike riders. There are 42 miles of trails in this area, which primarily wind through oak, hickory, and pine forests. For the most part, there are two loops of trails with a network of smaller trails and loops that interconnect with each other, as well as the larger loops.

SUVs, Jeeps, and other larger vehicles are prohibited in this area, which can make it a little safer for ATV enthusiasts. It also makes this a good place to go to practice your skills. There aren’t any special equipment or protection requirements, but flags and helmets are always a good idea whenever you’re riding.

This is a relatively good place for novices, thanks to the mostly hard-pack dirt trails; however, the actual difficulty of the trails hasn't been evaluated by professionals. All of the trails are well marked with orange flags, but without ratings, it’s difficult to know how challenging each trail is.

Fourche Mountain Trail

If you’re looking for an exciting mountain ride, this 26-mile multiple-trail system is a fantastic option. Like some of the other trails on this list, this is an ATV and dirt bike or non-motorized vehicle use site.

While that might sound like a smaller ATV trail in general, the incredible mountain terrain makes these trails feel a lot bigger. There are a ton of unique landscapes along these trails, along with a range of different terrain and trail types.

These trails are considered mostly easy to moderate, though Trail 9 does have a brief section that’s rocky and more difficult.

If you’re looking for more to do in this area, Fourche Mountain Adventures campground is a great place to visit, with direct connections with local hiking trails as well.

Wolf Pen Gap ATV Riding Trail

Wolf Pen Gap is another ATV trail in Ouachita National Forest, outside of Mena, AR. There are 42 miles of trails here, which are open to ATVs and UTVs, as well as dirt bikes and motorcycles.

One of the big draws of this location is that the trails are well-maintained but free to ride.

There are a lot of beautiful vistas on this mountain trail, which makes it even better that this is a novice-level trail. Incredible trails that are easy to drive are one of the best ways to introduce new people to this hobby or to renew your own love and appreciation for riding your ATV.

There are some fun and unique features on this trail, so make sure to view a map of the trail to check it out further.

Byrd’s Adventure Center

Byrd’s Adventure Center features 800 acres of wilderness area with a ton of different things to do and explore. There’s rafting and canoeing, RV and camping spaces, ATV and motorcycle trails, fly fishing, and other events.

This adventure area runs along the Mulberry River in the Ozark National Forest. There are a ton of beautiful vistas here, with 30 miles of well-marked trails. There are trails of varying difficulty throughout, and places suitable for novice riders as well as more advanced technical riding.

Carter Off-Road Park

If you’re looking for a real outdoor adventure for off-roading with nearby ATV trails, camping spaces, or even a fully furnished treehouse, this might be the park for you. Certainly, this is one of the best off-roading experiences in Arkansas.

There are more than 1,000 acres of woodland here, obstacle courses, and 10 tent sites, in addition to the treehouse cabins.

If you happen to visit over the weekend, there are also often weekend events at different areas in the off-road park.

Mack’s Pines Recreation Area

Mack’s Pines Recreation Area proudly calls itself the Trailriding Headquarters of the Ozarks, and they aren't wrong. They are open seven days a week and do accept reservations to guarantee that you'll be allowed in the recreation area when you arrive.

This is also one of the most diverse outdoor areas you can expect to find in Arkansas with waterfalls, creeks and rivers, caves, and different kinds of forests to find throughout.

There are a ton of different OHV trails here, though they do recommend that you have your own trail maps and GPS when you come out. Most are relatively well-marked, but it’s not impossible to get lost while you’re visiting here.

Mill Creek Trails in Ozark-St. Francis National Park

With nearly 50 miles of trails, this is one of the best mountain trails in Arkansas. Trails take you through mountain terrain and hardwood forests, right up to rock outcroppings and other unique features of this area.

One thing to note about this trail is that even the more novice trails do have rocky patches and can have some areas with difficult terrain; however, the trails are rated from novice to advanced and can be a great way for newer riders to get used to riding these more difficult terrain types.

Moccasin Gap in Ozark-St. Francis National Park

Moccasin Gap might be better known as a horse-riding trail area, but there are several OHV trails in the same area. You should be prepared for this to be a multi-use area, and make sure everyone you're riding with is aware of the risks of being in a multi-use area and knows to watch out for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders.

The OHV trails feature four main loops with many smaller interconnected trails, for a total of 28 miles of trail.

Each of the four loops offers a different type of terrain, incredible vistas of different types, and unique landmarks and features of the natural world.

South of the Ozarks Motocross

While this motocross track isn’t necessarily an ATV trail, it’s still a fantastic place to visit to have a good time, work on your skills, or learn to jump with your ATV or dirt bike.

There are reasonable daily fees, but they do require that you have an annual membership in addition to the daily practice fees.

If you’re local, it’s worth considering getting a pre-paid membership and the discount that comes with it.

This can also be a good place to push your skills and participate in races.

Guided ATV Tours in Arkansas

There are quite a few guided tour opportunities in Arkansas, and these can be a great way to try this hobby for yourself and see if you like it. Hog Wild Adventures, Hot Springs Off-Road Park, and Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch and Adventure Park all offer excellent ATV trail rides and off-roading tours.

There are many more ATV tours as well. If you’re looking for a specific kind of experience in Arkansas ATV tours, it’s almost guaranteed that there is a tour for you. Think about the kind of terrain you want to explore, whether you’re looking for a beginner run or something more advanced, and even what time of year you want to take your ATV tour.


ATV rider



Can I rent ATVs for trail riding in Arkansas?

Yes. There are a ton of different places you can rent an ATV for trail riding in Arkansas, although it’s important to remember that there are limits to what you can do in a rented ATV. Most ATV rentals aren’t meant for off-roading, so you would have to stick to established trails whenever possible.

What safety precautions should I take while riding on ATV trails in Arkansas?
It’s a good idea to have additional lights and flags on your ATV anytime, including when you’re riding in Arkansas. While requirements vary from place to place, you can always go above and beyond the requirements for your safety features and personal protection.

Arkansas can also have quite a few weather-related problems as well as temporary closures. It’s a good idea to check any trail you want to ride for warnings or closures before you arrive.

What is the best time to explore ATV trails in Arkansas?

Spring and autumn are both good times to ride ATV trails in Arkansas, summer usually has less rain and weather closures, but can be uncomfortably hot at times. There are a lot of trail closures in the winter, though you can expect at least a couple of trails to be open every month except November and December.

In Conclusion

To wrap up, it’s clear that Arkansas has lots of good options when it comes to ATV riding and off-roading. If you have your own vehicle, but don’t quite feel like it represents you and your personality, consider giving it a facelift with Thumper Fab’s help! We know how important it is to ride in style, so check out our expansive collection today!

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