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Exploring the Fun and Adventure: A Comprehensive Guide to Kids UTV

Riding is one of those hobbies that can easily be a whole family pastime, especially if you’re considering getting a vehicle for your kids to help them get into the hobby.

The good news is that more and more companies are recognizing that parents want to introduce their kids to the sport, which means that more vehicles and equipment are being made for children.


That includes things like additional safety panels and equipment to help give you peace of mind while your kids are learning, while still giving them a lot of freedom and independence once they know the basics.


The trick is that you need to find the right vehicle and accessories for your kids and your peace of mind. Fortunately, Thumper Fab has already looked at some of the top-rated UTVs for children and picked some of the best options.

So, keep reading to see Thumper Fab’s recommendations, as well as a buying guide for the most important features you need in a kid’s ATV. 


The Top ATVs/UTVs for Children


Choosing an ATV or UTV for your kids can be tricky. They’re still relatively new vehicles, meaning that parents have this option for the first time, making choosing the right option a little harder.


Here are some of the best models currently available, and the reasons why. 


Polaris ACE 150 


The Polaris ACE 150 is a good choice for children aged 10 years and older and is great for kids who thrive with a little independence and self-direction. It’s a single-seater designed for kids, which helps cradle them and gives them the safest riding experience possible. 


With the seat, child-safe seat belt, and roll cage, you have a strong vehicle option for kids. It’s big enough to last most kids a few years, long enough for them to be ready for a larger vehicle once they outgrow it. 


You’ll also get a training DVD and parent-adjusted speed limiting giving added peace of mind, especially on those first few runs with your kid behind the wheel. 


9 inches of ground clearance also gives your kids plenty of space while avoiding added rollover risk. Plus, the Polaris comes with a helmet! 


Honda TRX90X


Another model recommended for kids age 10 and older, this ATV sits a little lower to the ground, with almost 4 inches of clearance. However, it’s got pretty good suspension, and the no-clutch transmission makes it easy for kids to learn the basics without having to worry about the added difficulty of a clutch. 


It’s a great model for driving and control practice, but the more bike-like design does mean foregoing some of the other models’ safety features. That said, it’s a great option for more adventurous kids who are motivated by feeling cool as well as going fast, and is more than safe enough as long as they wear the appropriate safety gear. 


Polaris Ranger 150 EFI


Though similar to the Polaris ACE 150, the Ranger has the addition of a second seat to accommodate more than one kid at once. It does mean giving up a little bit of ground clearance, though, bringing you down to just 8 inches. 


But you also get safety nets, two helmets, and a cargo bed able to hold up to 50 pounds of additional equipment. 


It also has ride boundaries, speed limiters, and a parental passcode so your kids can’t just ride off into the sunset without permission. 


Can-AM DS 70


The Can-Am 70 is designed for kids aged 6 and up, with a 69cc 4-stroke engine and a continuously variable transmission to help give kids a smoother ride experience that doesn’t require a lot of driving skills. 


Electric start helps give them independence, but the backup kick start helps ensure you’ll always be able to get this vehicle running quickly. 


Can-AM DS 90


This version is almost identical to the Can-AM DS 70, but larger for older kids and with a slightly more powerful engine to complement your kids’ growing maturity and skills. 


Kawasaki KFX50 


This model is a fun option if you want to get your kids started riding a little earlier and is designed to work for kids as young as 6 years old. The full floorboards provide some foot protection, while the throttle limiter means that you can choose the speed your kids are riding. 


This is a smaller version of the KFX90, which works as your kids grow up and need something a little bigger and more adventurous. 


Yamaha Raptor 90


The Raptor 90 starts with a 90cc 4-stroke engine, but you can also get a more powerful 125cc version if your kids outgrow this one before they’re ready for an even more powerful machine. Meant for kids aged 10 and up, this model captures the epitome of cool, while the gated shifter simultaneously helps keep them safe. 


An electric start and backup kickstart help kids get going in a blink. 


Polaris Sportsman 110 EFI


If you’ve ridden a Polaris ATV before, this model will look and feel familiar to you. It’s a smaller child-friendly version of the larger adult version, which can go a long way toward helping your kids feel included when you’re out riding. 


Like a lot of the other models on this list, it includes a speed-limiting feature, as well as a youth helmet and safety tether to provide a little extra protection. 


The whip flag both helps this model look more exciting to kids and also makes it more visible when riding. Working lights also help with visibility. 


Hisun Strike 250


This model is a little beefier and designed for kids a little older than the rest. Meant for ages 12 and up, you also get more safety features in exchange for a more powerful 229cc 4-stroke engine. Fully functional brake lights, headlights, turn signals, and a horn, help provide a more complete riding experience, while the roof and windshield help keep kids safer while accessing more riding power. 


This model also has 5 different trim levels, which offers a lot of added customization. 


Pitsterpro Avenger 150


One of the most affordable ATV or UTV options for kids, the Pisterpro is designed for kids around 10 to 12 and comes with a lot of safety features to make it a ride that can grow with them. 


The powerful 150cc engine can be controlled with throttle control to limit your learners while providing enough power for kids to start testing their skills and grow as riders. 


Overall, this model isn’t just one of the most affordable, it’s also one of the most versatile. 


UTV Safety for Kids


One of the most important things for parents to understand is that UTVs and ATVs designed for adults aren’t ever really safe for kids. They aren’t designed for small riders, likely making safety features ineffective for younger children, and sometimes even tweens.


Getting a vehicle designed for kids can improve safety quite a bit, even though that means that the kids themselves will be driving. In fact, with the added safety features like throttle control often included in UTVs and ATVs for children, there are a lot of safety and security advantages. 


That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make sure your kids are wearing all of the safety equipment you would on a UTV. That includes a helmet rated for UTV riding, gloves, goggles, and a good pair of boots. You can also have additional protection, like a protective jacket or padding on elbows and knees, especially important for new riders. 


If you can, upgrading the safety harness on your child’s vehicle can also make a big difference. A 4-point harness is typically safer for children than the 3-point versions, and wider straps are often more comfortable as well. 


Benefits of Getting a UTV for Children


There are a lot of reasons to consider getting a UTV for children. 


For one, they can start learning the basics of driving and riding a UTV a lot younger if they have a vehicle designed for them and their safety. It’s also a good way to help give your kids a leg up when it comes time to get their driver’s license since they’ll already have some driving experience. 


It’s also generally safer than letting kids drive a full-size vehicle, both in terms of the safety equipment and because children’s UTVs are typically equipped with throttle controls and other limiting equipment, so they can’t go too fast.


Can Am Defender


Most Important Features To Look For In A Kid-Friendly UTV? 


Here are some of the most important things to consider before choosing a vehicle for your children. 




The more powerful a vehicle’s engine, the faster it can go and the more weight it can handle. Powerful engines are better for vehicles meant to grow with your child, but you’ll want a throttle limiter to make sure they don’t start driving too fast too quickly. 


Less powerful engines are more limited, but they can help keep younger or more impulsive children safer. 


Roll Cage


Roll cages are one of the biggest differences between an ATV and a UTV, and they can also be critical for new riders. Ideally, the roll cage won’t ever be needed, but they provide a lot of protection in the case of a rollover, and can also help protect your kids if they are ever involved in a collision or accidentally go off the road or trail they are riding. 


Lights and Visibility


Headlights, brake lights, flags, and other visibility equipment, like reflective tape, can help make sure your children are visible. That’s especially important when you are taking them out on trails and anywhere they might be interacting with other people on vehicles since it’s a lot easier to miss the smaller children’s UTVs than a full-size vehicle.


Ground Clearance


High ground clearance tends to make for a more versatile and effective UTV, but it also increases rollover risk. A lot of children’s UTVs are designed with minimal ground clearance for exactly that reason, but it can mean that the vehicle isn’t suitable for a lot of trails if it sits too close to the ground. 


Think carefully about how much clearance your kids will need, versus how much is safe for their age and experience level. 


Effective Safety Harnesses


Youth UTVs are designed with at least some children’s safety in mind, but that doesn’t mean that they all have the best safety belts and harnesses. Look for a high-quality harness with a lot of room for adjustment so that it stays comfortable and effective as your child grows. 


Ready To Give Your Kids A Fun Adventure?


At Thumper Fab we have everything you and your kids need for a fantastic UTV adventure for you and your kids. Looking for more accessories to go with these kid’s model UTVs? Check out our collection of top-quality UTV accessories

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