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Exploring the Best ATV Trails in Utah: A Guide for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Utah, known as the Beehive State, has many natural and beautiful wonders awaiting those who are looking. It’s the 13th-largest state in the nation, but one of the least populated. That means there is plenty of space out there for you to explore and enjoy nature in its raw, natural beauty.

Utah is arguably one of the most gorgeous parts of the country. It holds amazing forests, wonderful mountains, and more jaw-dropping views than you’d be able to believe. Visiting Utah means coming to a place that will be constantly calling on you to take photo after photo.

ATV fans will get more than their money’s worth when they come to Utah. For those wanting to enjoy ATV equipment and accessories as well as the latest and greatest vehicles, Utah is a place that needs to be visited. 

But before you plan your Utah ATV riding trip, you need to know a few things about the state and all that offers. Firstly and most importantly, you need to be aware of the best ATV trails to visit when you are in Utah. There are simply so many to choose from that you might not be sure where to start, which is why you need to only settle on the best of the best when it comes to ATV trails in Utah.


What are the top ATV trails in Utah?


Utah is a very large state with numerous locations that are ideal for ATV riding. You will not face any shortage of trails that can give you a good time. But which ones rise above the rest and are worth your time? If you’re planning an ATV trip to Utah, here are the locations that you absolutely need to consider visiting:


Skyline Drive Trail


The Arapeen trail system, which is only two hours away from the state’s biggest spot, Salt Lake City, has hundreds of routes within it that range in difficulty. And they all happen to have truly spectacular views that you can’t miss. 


The Skyline Drive path is a particularly well-known ATV route in the Arapeen trail network. This route traverses a mountain peak and ends with one of the area's most breathtaking tops; however, the path is only accessible from the end of summer through the late fall, so unfortunately, you have a limited amount of time to enjoy this trail.


Along with being one of Utah's top ATV tracks, this region is fantastic for hiking, fishing, camping, and taking in stunning trees and mountaintop flora. You will be sharing the space with other people who have come to be close to nature, so keep that in mind.


Silver Lake Flat


Numerous gorgeous, picturesque routes wind across the canyon among its dense trees and wonderful views. The canyon that holds Silver Lake Flat is only about 25 minutes away from the city of Provo, which means that you can be there in a short amount of time. When you arrive though, you need to be prepared.


First of all, you must be cautious of the edges of cliffs and drop-offs in Silver Lake Flat as you maneuver your ATV in this gorgeous canyon scenery. 


As long as you’re safe, there is plenty to admire here. As you go through the forest on the Silver Lake Flat and explore nature in all its untamed grandeur, you will be following the mountain rivers.


The Silver Lake Flat is made up of two small ATV routes: the Major Evans Trail and the Milkmaid Trail. Be on the lookout for both on your map. With its sharp bends and large Evans Trail, it is the most difficult one.


Yankee Meadows Trail


Among Utah's major tourist destinations is the renowned Bryce Canyon National Park. This stunning park, which lies in south Utah, features a variety of hiking and exploration paths. Thousands of people come from miles away to visit this park every single year. Although driving an ATV is not permitted in the national park itself, you are welcome to use one in the backcountry paths. There are plenty of places around Bryce Canyon that are perfect for ATV fans.


This particular trail, also known as the Yankee Meadows Trail, runs very close to the lake and has a few small water crosses. You can reserve a trip with one of the escorted ATV excursions that are offered here if you'd like to see the canyon from some of the greatest angles. The average tour season extends from the end of March until October.


Pine Lake Trail


The well-known Pine Lake Trail is located not far from Panguitch. A magnificent national forest, this should be a part of any trip to Utah. At Pine Lake Trail, you can pause at any of the several viewpoint sites to enjoy the one-of-a-kind scenery. Typically, it’s advised that you set up your tent at the Pine Lake campsite. 


This area has a route that connects to bike and four-wheeling trails right away. There is parking access just in front of the campsite. To utilize the camping, you must pay $15, but you’ll have to pay more if you’re bringing multiple vehicles.


Little Sahara Recreational Area


Are you seeking a flat area where you can ride your UTV easily? If that is the case, you ought to visit Little Sahara Recreational Area. This UTV track features seemingly endless sand flats that enable you to go sans any obstacles like trees or boulders just miles and miles of smooth, easy sand.


If you're looking to go on a crazy, never-ending UTV ride, the Little Sahara Recreational Area is great. Its most famous dune, the Sevier River, dried up thousands of years in the past, providing you with lots of sand to enjoy. This can give you an exciting trail to test out the UTV maneuvers you’ve been learning.


What equipment do I need for ATV riding in Utah?


While there are certain pieces of equipment that are advised for ATV riding in Utah, such as gloves, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and over-the-ankle boots, there is only one thing that is required when you are enjoying ATV trails in the state.


You and anyone riding on your ATV need to be wearing a helmet at all times. In Utah, a helmet is absolutely mandatory for all riders under the age of 18. And any helmet worn must have at least a “DOT Approved” safety rating.


Are there any safety regulations for ATV riding in Utah?


When you are riding on your ATV in the state of Utah, you should be following some simple and understandable safety regulations. Safety should always be first when you’re on your ATV.


For instance, you need to always state on the designated trail that you’re riding on. At all times, stay off of any paved roads. If you are going to be riding on any private property, you need to have the permission of the landowner. You should also be wearing the appropriate attire as you ride on the ATV, meaning you should be wearing long sleeves, long pants, a helmet, and gloves too.


The operator license needs to be carried on you at all times when you are operating your ATV on any public land. No one under the age of eight years old has the ability to operate an ATV in Utah. Anyone over the age of 18 can operate an ATV but only if they have a valid state driver’s license or an approved OHV education certification. 

All riders in Utah under the age of 18 are required to complete an approved Utah OHV Safety Course and always carry the Utah ATV Safety Certificate with them.


ATV Trails in Utah


Frequently Asked Questions:


What's the best time of year to explore Utah's ATV trails?


Utah is one of the most stunning states. It’s always gorgeous year-round, but some seasons are better than others for ATV riding. Utah has wonderful summers that are temperate and comfortable, but the winters in the state can be quite intense with many feet of snow and some bad blizzards.


This means that the best time of the year to explore Utah’s ATV trails is the later spring and early summer. Early fall is also a good time to ride in Utah, although there are some parks and trails that are already closing around that time of year ahead a rough winter that may be coming.


It is very important that you always call ahead and ensure the park or trail that you want to enjoy is open for business before you arrive. Each park and trail has its own distinct set of hours and closure periods; some close earlier and some stay open later, even as winter approaches.


To make sure you aren’t wasting your time and arriving at a park that is closed due to rough weather, ensure that you check with their website and call ahead of planning.


Can beginners enjoy ATV trails in Utah, or are they more for experienced riders?


One of the great things about ATV riding in Utah is that there are plenty of terrific trails and courses for people of all different skill levels. Novice riders will be able to find something gentle and comfortable for them while more experienced and advanced riders will enjoy the more intense and intimidating paths.


In fact, some parks and trails in Utah hold distinct paths for different types of riders. That means that families and groups can all attend the same parks and each member is able to go off and enjoy a path that suits their abilities on the ATV.


Are you ready to gear up for your ATV adventures in Utah? There is just so much to explore and so much to see in this one-of-a-kind, beautiful state. If you’re itching to get out there and experience Utah, you want to make sure your ATV is ready to go first.

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