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Exploring the Best ATV Trails in Colorado: An Adventurer's Guide

Colorado is easily one of the most beloved and beautiful states in America. The Mile High State has something for everyone: gorgeous mountains to climb, wonderful rivers to relax by, and delicious food and drink that you can only find there.

For years now, Colorado has been considered a gem for many outdoor fans who visit the state for a number of reasons. Some of them go to visit the Rocky Mountains, others fly out there to ski; however, many people have been going to Colorado because they want to get the most out of the ATV trails that are located in the state.

Colorado might not always be thought of as an ATV mecca, but there are actually many trails in the state that are the best of the best.


Top ATV Trails in Colorado


The best thing about taking your ATV to Colorado is that you will be able to experience some of the most stunning geography and vistas in the nation while still only being a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You can spend your days riding the best ATV trails in the country and then spend your nights enjoying some delicious food.


Taylor Park


When you come to Colorado to ride your ATV, you are going to get a lot of great nature and a lot of wonderful history. Taylor Park has a terrific mix of both. It is the ideal location if you are seeking a single spot to camp in and explore a wide variety of ATV routes for riders adjusted to every difficulty level. 


Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the Gunnison National Forest, Taylor Park features the Taylor Reservoir, a wonder that’s worth visiting in its own right. The park and reservoir were named after a historic mining pioneer from Colorado who claimed this region in the 19th century while looking for gold. 


The most popular path in the region in the park, Taylor Pass, is a rather challenging four-mile climb that will take a few hours for you to complete. If you'd like, you may travel the route that was once a wagon pass all the way to Aspen while admiring the scenery. 


Beyond the ATV trail, there are a lot of great historic places to check out. For instance, ghost towns such as the Forest Hill Mine can be visited if you're a fan of mining history. Other must-see sights in this area are Pearl Pass and Tomichi Pass. It doesn’t matter if you come just for the ATV trails or something else entirely, there are plenty of Colorado outdoor adventures in Taylor Park for you to discover.


Rabbit Valley


Some people just want to ride for the thrill of being on their ATV, while others do so because they want to be close to nature and see things they aren’t able to experience when stationary at home. For those who want a brilliant interaction with nature as well as geographic history, there is a choice for you. 


There’s no doubt that you’ll adore Rabbit Valley if you love ATV riding in Colorado through the middle of the desert. That’s right; this path is in the desert, which is something you might not expect when thinking of Colorado. In fact, when the vast majority of people envision Colorado, they picture the Rocky Mountains and their beautiful snowy heights. However, this region along the Utah and Colorado border is filled with challenging routes that weave over red sandstone rocks and other views that you’d only find in a desert. 


You may take a trip through the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area, which is close to Grand Junction, and enjoy sites like the neighborhood quarry while taking in the desert scenery. The region is rich in paleontological historical events, and the Trail Through Time provides information on the dinosaur fossils discovered there.


Grand Mesa Trails


Of all the names on the list, the Grand Mesa Trails might afford ATV riders with the most variety. The off-road trails near Grand Junction might sound like they are going to be flat but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, this location is packed with wonderfully lush forests, lakes, rivers, and more. 


The thing that is so appealing about Grand Mesa is that there is something for everyone. Many people who like to ride their ATVs also like to go camping, fishing, hunting, and more; the Grand Mesa Trails allows them to do all of those things. You can spend the day riding your ATV, walking a nature path, going fishing, and exploring the beautiful things that nature has to offer in this region of the state. Few places allow you to do so much in such a short amount of time, but Grand Mesa has an awful lot to offer.


Alpine Loop


Considered one of the best ATV trails in Colorado and one of the most well-known in the state is Alpine Loop, which combines a terrific blend of history and jaw-dropping sights. It begins close to the city of Silverton and then travels over sixty miles into the southern Rockies. You can imagine how incredible the views are!


The path then follows an ancient mining road network, which means that you'll pass through many historical sites throughout the journey on your ATV, including abandoned mines, mills, and train lines. Be sure that your camera is ready because you will want to snap dozens of photos. 


If none of that appeals to you, you’re in luck; the route's scenic beauty is still unrivaled and will captivate you for other reasons. 


You can see several of Colorado's well-known mountains some of which rise beyond 14,000 feet from the path. Along with passing by mountain lakes and streams, the route also takes you through the alpine forest that gave it its name, making every part of it picturesque. 


Like the majority of ATV tracks in Colorado, this path is closed during the winter months, but if you can ride it during the warmer months, it's regarded as one of the most picturesque rides in the country.


Schofield Pass


Of all the Colorado ATV maps, the trail of Schofield Pass might be one of the toughest, which means that this trail isn’t just for anyone. Additionally, it definitely means you need to protect yourself and you need to know what you’re doing when you fire up your ride for this journey.


The route in the Northern Crested Butte part of Colorado is definitely only intended for advanced riders who also like making pit breaks at picturesque locations.  


Among the toughest paths in Colorado, Schofield Pass is not only challenging, but can be downright dangerous too. It features sections boasting precipitous drop-offs with little margin for mistakes on your part. This means that you should be aware of how risky it is given the number of riders who have died in this region.


This path is no joke, but it’s also something special to behold. You will be treated to breathtaking views if you've got the skills you need to finish this journey. 


You might need to ride along the cliffside section of Crystal River, which has a breathtaking cascade falling into a pool of deep blue water. In the end, you'll eventually arrive at Crystal Mill, the former power plant that fueled a mountain mine  in the late 1800s. Along the route, you'll also pass through other abandoned communities and stunning landscapes.


Wagon Wheel Trail System


Wagon Wheel Trail System is a place that contains plenty of Colorado outdoor adventures. Like many other trails on our list, it has a mix of terrific locations that are both beautiful and also historic. 


Over 600 miles of stunning trails in the White River National Forest make up the Wagon Wheel Trail System, which is suitable for riders of all skill ranges. On this path, you can engage in outdoor pursuits like going camping, hunting, and fishing.


You may switch from the system's West and East regions with relative ease based on what you want to see. Along the difficult mountain routes of the White River National Forest and visiting historic sites along the way, the eastern side offers a fantastic combination of cultural and natural treasures. ATV riders may explore more than 200 miles of interconnecting circuits on the trails. 


There are more than 300 miles of ATV routes along the White River on the western side. These paths will put various degrees of ability and expertise to the test because they vary from being partly maintained to being fully untamed.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are there any guided ATV tours in Colorado?


Yes! There are plenty of ATV trails in Colorado that provide guided tours if you buy them and reserve them before you arrive. They all vary in price and what they offer, but they give you a good way to stay safe, see a lot, and learn a bit of history.


It’s important to remember that guided ATV tours have rules and don’t allow as much autonomy as going off on your own. They are better for novice riders because they will not take you on very challenging paths.


What are the reviews for ATV trails in Colorado?


The ATV trails in Colorado receive some of the best reviews of all the states in America. There are a number of reasons why people love taking their ATVs to Colorado, but the two biggest are that the state has some stunning, unforgettable locations and views and because it's rich in history.


Exploring the Best ATV Trails in Colorado


In Conclusion


It’s no surprise to hear that Colorado will leave your jaw on the floor over things that you simply cannot see anywhere else, but that is only half of what Colorado offers. The state also has a plethora of historical locations, often situated right next to the ATV trails that you’re riding on. That means that you’ll see old buildings, mills, quarries, mining spots, and ghost towns all while you’re on the path.

So, do you think that you are ready to hit the ATV trails in Colorado? If so, you need to make sure you’re prepared with the best ATV gear from Thumper Fab. We want to make sure that your ride reflects your own personal style, so check out our new arrivals today!

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