Explore the Best ATV Trails in Nebraska

Located in the middle of the United States, Nebraska is known for a number of special things, such as the rolling plains, grasslands, and ample forested lands. Because of that, it’s a location that has brought many people and whole families peace and happiness for generations. People have remarked that Nebraska is a place to go when you are looking for a slower pace of life and relaxing days with family and friends. 

Another perk: Nebraska is a wonderful destination for ATV fans because of the very things mentioned above. Nebraska is one of the few states that has both great trails for ATV riding and beautiful vistas. This means that you can ride with speed first before slowing down to enjoy the stunning sights. 

There are many ideal spots that you can visit in Nebraska if you want to get the most out of your ATV adventures. ATV riding in Nebraska is great for anyone who wants to ride fast, get the wind in their hair, and also enjoy the great outdoors in a very unique and memorable way.


What are the top ATV trails in Nebraska?


Believe it or not, there are dozens of ATV trails dotting the map in Nebraska that are great for both newcomers and seasoned ATV-riding veterans. Although many people envision Nebraska as a quiet state that is used to a slower pace of life, there are many exciting locations that will give you a thrill when you rev up your ATV motor.


Bessey OHV Trail System


The Bessy OHV Trail System has a little bit of something for everyone. If you want to ride through the forest, you will find paths that are perfect for you. Instead, if you want to ride along the wetlands and grasslands, you’re also in luck.


Although the sights that you’ll see vary, the terrain itself is usually pretty sandy for much of the year. The paths are also filled with some sharp turns, steep climbs, and exciting descents, which will lead to memorable rides and great thrills too. 


This trail network is public land and consists of a wide number of routes that total more than 36 miles, giving you plenty to do no matter how long you’re there. You need to always remember that there are restrictions about what vehicles you can use. Only side-by-side vehicles with a width of 64 inches or smaller are permitted in the region due to the area's somewhat small pathways.


You can find the trails at the Bessey Recreation Complex, where your expedition should begin. Entry to the trail network is also available from the region where Scenic Road ends at the Dismal Trailhead, the Whitetail Campground, or the Powerline Trailhead. You will probably see a lot of four-wheel-drive vehicles and dirt motorcycles on the public trails throughout the busiest riding season. Since rentals are not offered in this area, you will have to use your own ATV.


Off Road Ranch


Off Road Ranch is a great location for ATV riding, as well as some friendly competition, great food, and delicious drinks. At Off Road Ranch, prepared riders may practice riding fast or take a brief excursion in their car on the ranch’s 300-foot drag strip. Plus, if they want something to eat and drink with friends, they have quite a few options.


Off Road’s 30-acre location comes with topography that is perfect for ATVs, as well as dirt motorcycles, quads, and more. It also includes a sand road and paths of varied degrees of difficulty. Try racing versus other ATV riders if you've got the appetite for some competition.


However, if you also want access to camping and winter snowmobiling (among other leisure activities), Off Roach Ranch is right for you. Additionally, this location has a beer garden with a selection of drinks to offer and musicians on most evenings.


Cedar Run ATV Trail


One of the best ATV riding areas in Nebraska is the nearly 500-acre Cedar Run ATV Trail. Numerous Nebraska ATV trail reviews say it’s one of the most fun in the entire state. With plenty of space, plenty to do, and plenty of ways to get yourself a bit muddy, it’s sure to be a hit with most ATV enthusiasts. 


Some things to always remember: always look out for other visitors on the paths and make sure that you drive slowly when negotiating tight turns on the nearly 10-mile-long track, which has tiny pathways for travel in each direction. Because this specific path isn't as maintained properly as others nearby, you can encounter complicated areas that require a vehicle with greater height clearance to pass through.


You'll like your time on the Cedar Run ATV Trail if you appreciate racing in muddy areas. Before a severe drought, parts of the route were buried beneath a lake. The lake's coastline receded during the drought, bringing regions with muddy terrain for most of the year. This trail is more appropriate for more seasoned ATV riders due to the terrain.


Fiddler Creek MX Park


Privately owned track Fiddler Creek MX Park is near the Iowa border, which means it usually remains quite busy because it is getting business from people in multiple states. Even though it is privately owned, the track is free for public use during weekends. However, you must sign up with the track and join if you wish to ride during the week.


Although a lot of riders utilize quads and dirt bikes on the circuit, it was initially designed with ATVs in mind. The tracks still reflect that in terms of how they are built and the steep climbs, descents, and more. On this course, novices and younger riders may learn to ride safely since there is enough space to maneuver and get acquainted with their cars.


A great place for a whole family to visit, even with varying degrees of experience, Fiddler Creek MX Park has something for everyone.


Dismal River Trail


Are you and your family looking to test your ATV skills? If so, the sandy surface of the Dismal River Trail will be a perfect spot to practice your speed-riding skill because it enables you to travel swiftly and securely on complicated terrain. 


Even with the trail's moderately difficult rating, riders at all skill levels can appreciate the scenery. However, you should always look for any potential barriers while you are on your ATV since you can come across obstacles on the road like stones, gravel, or protruding tree roots. The riders could face muddy stretches after a heavy downpour and will come across higher areas for ascending.


The Dismal River Trail is always open to ATVs. Motorcycles, side-by-sides, and other four-wheeled vehicles are also permitted on the path. The comfortable and beautiful campsite is ideal for parties if you are intending to camp. Picnic spaces, bathrooms, and showers are additional features close to the path. Anyone looking to have a real ATV adventure in Nebraska will want to put Dismal River Trail on their map.


Are there any safety regulations for riding ATVs in Nebraska?


There actually are a few rules and regulations that you must follow when you are riding your ATV in the state of Nebraska. 


Firstly, you can only ride your ATV during the hours of sunrise to sunset. You also must have a Class 0 operator’s license or a farm permit and need to also have liability covered for your vehicle. 


You cannot ever ride your ATV over the speed of 30 miles per hour. You must also make sure that your ATV has a secured illuminated headlight and taillight. 


Finally, your ATV must have a bicycle safety flag that extends less than five feet above the ground and is attached to the rear. This flag must be triangular and not less than 30 square inches.


How can I prepare for an ATV ride on Nebraska trails?


The state of Nebraska has several recommendations before you get on the road and start riding. Perhaps the biggest tip that they give is that you plan your trip before you arrive. You can do this by downloading or printing travel maps and regulations about the region you’ll be visiting. You should also have your phone on and your GPS turned on in case of emergency. Check local weather conditions every day before you go out, even if it looks like it’ll be a sunny and bright day since you never know when the weather might turn and the day becomes gross, muddy, and possibly dangerous.


Explore the Best ATV Trails in Nebraska


Frequently Asked Questions:


What gear do I need for ATV riding on Nebraska trails?


The gear that you need when riding your ATV in Nebraska is just like the gear you need when riding it in any other location.


You will definitely need to wear a helmet and boots at all times. The boots will ensure that your feet will remain firmly planted on either the brake or accelerator and the helmet will prevent any serious harm to your head if there is an accident.


You should also wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants as well, which will prevent debris from flying up and cutting you. Sunglasses and goggles are also advised, as the weather in Nebraska is often bright, which can disrupt your view and cause you to go off-path and become injured.


Are there any seasonal restrictions for ATV trails in Nebraska?


Although many of the ATV trails in Nebraska are open all year long, some of them are closed during certain months of the year when the weather gets rough. Nebraska is known to receive a lot of snowfall at times. Because of that, riding your ATV can be unsafe during certain weather conditions, which means multiple trails typically close. Other trails close due to cold weather or wet weather, as that could compromise the trails and cause them to be muddy and dangerous.


You should always call ahead and check with your ATV trail of choice before you arrive.


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