Vermont has much to offer when it comes to ATV riding.

Discover the Top ATV Trails In Vermont: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most incredible things about ATV riding is that you get to experience the entire country from a perspective that most people will never get. 


You get to see the world from places unseen. Travel roads few other people will ever travel. Go on breathtaking adventures, and then come home and go back to normal life. 


You really get to have both, without having to choose one over the other. 


Of course, that means that people who love riding ATVs are always looking for new places to ride and new places to go. Whether you live in Vermont or are thinking about visiting the state to ride your ATV, here are some of the best trails you can find in the state. 


Plus, we’ll answer some of the most important questions about riding an ATV in Vermont at the end of the article.


The Best ATV Trails In Vermont: 


Vermont is a fantastic state to visit if you want to spend a little time on the wild side, enjoying nature of all shapes and sizes. Of course, that also means that there are ATV trails for all levels of experience and difficulty. 


But, while that’s awesome and means you can have a great time no matter where you are in your ATV journey, it also means that you need to be extra careful to check local difficulty levels and any warnings or cautions about specific trails before you head out. 


Also remember that difficulty isn’t an exact science, it’s an estimate. Never be afraid to say that a ride is too difficult and turn around if you need to.


ATV riding in Vermont offers a different kind of adventure.


Lincoln Gap Road


If you’re looking for a fantastic ride through the Green Mountains, this is a great place to start. The terrain is incredibly variable on this trail, including steep climbs, narrow paths, as well as rocky outcroppings, and some incredible overlooks. 


The top of this ride is the real reward for all that effort though. The Lincoln Gap Road leads up all the way to a panorama of some of the best landscapes Vermont has to offer. 


This trail has a relatively high difficulty level but is also a favorite Vermont trail for locals and travelers alike. 


Make sure you’re up to the challenge before you head out and be prepared for this to be a trail that brings you back again and again.


Green Mountain National Forest


We’ll talk about a few of the individual trails in the Green Mountain National Forest, but it’s worth mentioning the national forest as a whole as well. 


Green Mountain is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in Vermont. It’s got a ton of different things to do, from hiking, ATV riding, fishing, camping, and more. 


There are a lot of different trailheads in the National Forest, and it is easy to spend the entirety of a multi-day or even a weeklong trip just exploring the national forest and the many different trails and activities you can tackle while you’re there.


Rutland County Trails


This is another area that we're going to cover as the whole area, and will also mention some of the individual trails in this area. Rutland County is a serious destination for ATV riders and offers some of the best ATV trails in the country. 


There are a ton of different trails in this area, ranging from true beginner trails all the way to more advanced options that only skilled ATV drivers should tackle.


If you’re looking for open land, gorgeous wildflowers and grasslands, and natural water crossings, this is the place you want to be. 


Plus, since Rutland County has a ton of trails, there is also a lot of support for ATV riders in the area. You can count on being able to get what you need and having the support services, from hotels and campgrounds to gear shops and restaurants to end the day, nearby and accessible.


Robert Frost Memorial Drive


No guide to ATV trails in Vermont would be complete without talking about Robert Frost Memorial Drive in Ripton. 


This drive is all about the beauty of nature that Robert Frost so often discussed in his poetry. While you’re riding this drive you’ll be seeing many of the same vistas Frost himself visited. 


Riders and literature enthusiasts both will appreciate the fact that Frost’s poetry is posted along the drive, giving you a great reminder to stop and take a moment to just take in the view – especially if it’s your first time in this area. 


However, this drive isn’t open year-round, and you will need to get a US Forest Service permit. If you want to go there, it's important to check and make sure it’s open, that there aren’t weather or maintenance closures, and that you have all the appropriate permits ready to go.


Killington Mountain


Killington Mountain might be best known as a ski resort, but this area takes advantage of Vermont’s unique location and weather to have a year-round set of activities and options for outdoor enthusiasts. 


When the snow melts and ski season ends, Killington Mountain turns into an ATV dream destination. 


There are 25 different ATV-specific trails and 348 miles of trails in the Killington Mountain range. All of the trails and areas here are specifically groomed and designed for ATV drivers. That means that every trail gets expert attention and was designed to be fun and exciting for ATV drivers. 


With all that variety, it shouldn't be surprising that Killington Mountain has trails ranging from beginner trails to expert-only adventures. 


Hiking, mountain biking, or visiting the outdoor pools in the area will give you more than enough other options to keep your whole family entertained.


Molly Stark Trail


Looking for a longer trail to drive and experience? The Molly Stark Trail is a great place to have a fun longer run in an established trail area. 


The Molly Stark Trail is 40 miles long, starting at the Somerset Reservoir, and goes between Bennington and Brattleboro Vermont. You should expect a huge variety of terrain along this run, including forests, streams, hills, and plenty of different kinds of environments around the trail as well. 


Because this is a longer trail, it’s important to make sure you are wearing safety gear ready for just about any condition, as well as snacks and drinks to keep you going the whole time.


White River Junction


White River Junction is a town, not a trail, but it’s another of those places that ATV riders should really visit and see. The town is built for outdoor enthusiasts, including plenty of different kinds of outdoor recreation and the support industries you need to have fun and stay safe at the same time. 


There are several different incredible ATV trails in this area, and the full spectrum of difficulty levels on those trails. 


While you’re here, you don’t want to miss Quechee State Park Trail, which gives you one of the best views of Quechee Gorge.


Lunenburg ATV Trails


Another small town with some fantastic ATV trails in the area, this is another top destination for Vermont ATV enthusiasts and travelers looking to experience something new. 


Just be sure to have safety gear and be prepared for wildlife encounters in this area. It’s possible to spot everything from moose to black bears along with more commonplace animals like foxes and deer.


Mobbs Farm Valley Trail


The Mobbs Farm Valley Trail is actually a trail network, not a single trail you can ride. The one caveat here is that the trails are more designed for hikers and bikers, though ATVs are welcome on many of the trails in this network. 


This trail network ranges from forests to fields, hills and valleys, and some incredible viewpoints.


Stratton Mountain Resort Trails


Stratton Mountain Resort might be more known as a resort than an ATV hotspot, but the resort does also have 625 acres of trails specifically designed for ATV riders. 


Like a lot of the best trails in Vermont, this destination has a wide range of trail types and difficulty levels. This is also a destination where you can get guided tours, which can be especially helpful if you are getting into the hobby or have a hard time with free and self-directed exploration.


Eagle Point Trail in Newport 


Eagle Point Trail is located in Newport, another small town known for offering incredible ATV trails. We’d highly recommend visiting the town for all Newport enthusiasts, but this trail in particular is worth the time. 


Eagle Point Trail is a scenic trail around Lake Memphremagog – but it is a challenging route. Inclines and declines are the biggest two challenges here, but there are other difficulties as well, especially when you start looking at some of the trail network and exploring beyond the Eagle Point Trail itself.


Homer Stone Trail 


Homer Stone Trail is another great destination for ATV riding in Vermont, with 4.5 miles of trails in the Green Mountain National Forest. Like a lot of the trails in Vermont, this is part of a trail network with plenty of spaces to explore and things to do. 


Plus, this is a great trail that works for people who love camping as well. There are camping sites along the trail itself, perfect for tent or RV camping.


Top ATV Riding In Vermont: Frequently Asked Questions


Is There Any Specific Safety Equipment Required For ATV Riding In Vermont? 


There are a few basic requirements you need to meet to ride an ATV in Vermont. The most important is having a helmet rated for riding an ATV. You are also required to have at least one working headlight, rear light, fully functional brakes, and ensure your vehicle specs are up to the challenge of whatever trail you’re on.


Yes, not having the proper equipment in a functional state is both dangerous and illegal. 


Here is the complete all-terrain vehicle guide for Vermont.


Are There Maps Available For ATV Trails In Vermont?


Yes, there are a lot of maps available. You can generally get more detailed maps for specific parks and trails when you’re in Vermont and close by. 


This is a pretty good interactive map of ATV trails around Vermont.


When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go ATV Riding In Vermont? 


Most of the ATV trails in Vermont are open from May through October, though there may be some weather-related closures or maintenance closures in that time. There isn't much for ATV riding in the Winter here.


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