HighLifter MUD NATIONAL’S 2022 Experience | Thumper Fab

HighLifter MUD NATIONAL’S 2022 Experience | Thumper Fab

Once again, the biggest Mud Party of the year came and went way to fast. The beautiful Hillarosa ATV Park located in Blevins, Arkansas was SLAM PACKED with off-road enthusiast from all over the country. This 5-day event was fun for the whole family from musical chairs to Miss High lifter pageant, to Mud Bog races. There was some sort of event everyday all day. 

Hillarosa ATV Park Front Gate

The Vendor Village was a place to stop and shop. When you weren’t hitting the mud holes you could find some of the biggest and baddest machines out there, and not only that the best in the industry companies all pushing what they offer.

Vendor Village - Polaris Ice Cream General by Draco

Day 1 was a little wet but once the rain stopped the trail riding and partying started. We made our way around the park and caught up with some familiar things that we had to stop and capture. The mud was definitely flying!

Thumper Fab Polaris RZR Exteme Front Winch Bumper on HighLifter RZR
Landon Polaris Ranger with Thumper Fab Front Bumper

Day 2 was NICE and PACKED with tons to do. We made our way back into Vendor Village to check out some of the biggest and baddest builds we mentioned above. With over 40 vendors displaying for attendees to check out what they offer and shop till they dropped. Just to name a few we found Polaris, Rockford Fosgate, Raceline Wheels, Fast 5 Solutions, KFI Products, Quad Boss, System 3 Offroad, Warn Industries, and High Lifter. Polaris was there with the latest machines and then you could walk down to Can-Am and make your own T-shirt, and that is just to name a few. We than jumped in and headed to the Endurance Challenge located at Outlaw Island.

Endurance Challenge located at Outlaw Island

Several spectators gathered to watch this action-packed race all while having a great time and watching the ATV’s and UTV’s hit the muddy water.


Day 3 was not fooling anyone although it was April Fool’s Day. The ATV/UTV Drag Races was not for the weak. Racers would line up and hit the hole full throttle to bring home the money and bragging rights.

ATV / UTV Drag Races located at Outlaw Island

Day 4 was the last and final day of events. The event had flown by, and we weren’t ready for it to be over. We gathered the entire crew and headed to the Sportsman Bounty Hole. Races would line up ready to race. From stock machines all the way up to the biggest tire and the baddest. This was our favorite part of the event. These races gave it their all and took the plunge into the deep, muddy bounty hole for the fastest time. This drew a HUGE crowd and was so much fun to see everyone fight for the cash prize. Belts were smoking, axels were popping, and the spectators loved every single minute of it.

Sportsmans Bounty Hole Boogers Toxic Toys

Hillarosa ATV Park is a epic park and it definely will leave its mark on you. This marks the 4TH year that Mud Nats was located here and it is the perfect spot for it. The 2,000 acre park has plenty of trails and creeks full of water and deep holes. There is usually a rain that hits before and durning the event that makes it that much more of a challenge. It was muddy fun.

Rider with Thumper Fab accessories on Polaris Ranger Northstar

In conclusion 2022 Mud National’s was a complete success. We seen ton’s of machines Thumpin our product and even spotted some of our swag on the trails. Mud Nats no doubt is the biggest party of the year and If you’ve never experienced it make plans to join us next year at 2023 High Lifter Mud National’s.

Hillarosa Back Gate


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