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Have you considered a roll cage for your Can-Am Maverick X3? Yes, you can choose options for your UTV or other sport-recreational vehicle that involve lots of extras, but a roll cage for your Can-Am Maverick X3 is one of the more important options you might choose. If you have an accident and roll your Can-Am X3, the last thing you want is just an aluminum roof between you and the ground! A roll cage for your Can-Am Maverick X3, on the other hand, can protect you and your other occupants while also providing structural integrity to your X3 overall.


Thumper Fab offers roll cages for the Can-Am Maverick X3 (2-Seat) and for the Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX (not to mention for the Polaris RZR). Our roll cages for the Can-Am Maverick X3 dramatically changes the look of your Can-Am X3 UTV while increasing its structural integrity. The roll cage is low, sleek, and strong, so it doesn't detract in any way from the sporty look and profile of your Can-Am Maverick UTV. The roll cage is also fully assembled and powder-coated, ready to be bolted in place. Made with strong, thick tubing, you can choose options when you have one built custom by us here at Thumper Fab.


Can-Am Maverick X3 Roll Cages: Choose Options Per Your Preference

By the way, just one caveat: These roll cages are not compatible with our Thumper Fab audio tops. You can choose options that include grab handles, a windshield, and roof intrusion bars. You can even choose options for the powder coat!


We don't just make accessories and aftermarket components for your UTV. We love them as much as you do! That means that when you shop with us, you're in good hands, because we'll take care of you the way we'd want to be taken care of ourselves. There's no sense customizing your UTV unless you go with a company that can truly benefit you. That's where we come in.


Your Can-Am Maverick X3 is one of the slickest, sportiest, baddest UTVs on the market. Treat your Can-Am Maverick X-3 to the custom body stylings it deserves with one of our Can-Am Maverick X3 roll cages. Manufactured from high-quality, thick-walled tubing and custom-designed and fabricated for your Can-Am Maverick X3, you can choose options for your roll cage to make sure you get exactly what you want. Your Can-Am Maverick X3 will serve you for a long time, and through many adventures, as long as you take good care of it. Well, if you take care of your Can-Am Maverick X3 with one of our Thumper Fab roll cages, your Can-Am Maverick X3 will take care of you!


Adventures With Your Can-Am Maverick X3

And, no, nobody wants to think about the dangers of getting a little too "out there" with a powerful sport UTV like the Can-Am Maverick X3 or the Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX. The fact is, though, when you're pushing your Can-Am X3 to the limit, you don't always do things perfectly. If your Can-Am X3 were to roll, you'd want to know you were as safe and secure as possible. A roll cage for your Maverick X3 can make all the difference while adding structural integrity to the vehicle.


Once you've got your roll cage installed in your Can-Am Maverick X3, though, it's time to really enjoy yourself. Hit the trail, drive overland, or just enjoy the freedom of being out and about in your Can-Am UTV while you enjoy the great outdoors and get where you want to go. There's a reason UTVs like the Can-Am are so addictive! No matter which model you choose, no matter what and where you go, Take your Can-Am X3 wherever you need to be and enjoy the ride of getting there. It's a great UTV and it's a great ride. And with the right Thumper Fab roll cage, your Can-Am Maverick X3 won't just look it's best, but you'll feel your best knowing you've got the most structural integrity you can get.


About Thumper Fab

Thumper Fab is dedicated to providing custom fit tops, bumpers, roll cages, and accessories designed to the specifications of your vehicle, including the Can Am Defender/ Our high-quality aluminum and steel fabrications, complete with durable HD powder coat as options, are designed for specific vehicle models and manufactured to the most stringent standards of workmanship. We strive to offer you great customer service -- and same day shipping on almost every product in stock in our store! You can shop with confidence at Thumper Fab, and know we're doing everything possible to get you equipped. No matter what component you need for your UTV, as long as we cover it, you'll be better off with a quality product from us.

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